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Taiwan mainland director unspoken rule: no man recording actress exposed face Liu Leyan Liu Leyan Facebook Facebook screenshot screenshot Liu Leyan Liu Leyan Facebook screenshot Liu Leyan exposure director WeChat Liu Leyan exposed stone Xiaolei submersible GUI dialogue recording all exposed Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, former head of Fanny F4 female (Liu Leyan) in May moved to the mainland, but has a total of 8 people met the director, producer for unspoken rule to accompany sleep, in the face of the book after she accused, director Shi Xiaolei and producer Tian Xiaoshan, actress to accompany sleep evil dark force. Yesterday her 3 recording files on Facebook Po, in the recording file a claim to Shi Xiaolei’s men, with the role performance opportunities to Liu Leyan to accompany sleep, even by his call, slap in the hotel room limit action conversation all exposure! And Shi Xiaolei posted in micro-blog and Fanny dialogue, said that the two had not met, to delete these false Fanny information, while her report. The evening Xiaolei stone started forwarding Liu Leyan’s flash marriage news, "Liu Leyan, you give your acid reflux explain your these unknown side…". Liu Leyan said: "he (Shi Xiaolei) to be used for the role of Tingting with me, he is not three five call to call me baby, I want to open the video, has asked me to consider, No. 527, he asked me to accompany him to Shijiazhuang to attend another director’s wedding, he said that I was his girlfriend. Friends, to accompany him to the end for me this role," he told me to take a bath in the past to sleep, I do not wash! Because girls, as long as the bath is over! We must all sweat, can let the boy dare not touch, and I was afraid to hold the bed, so I focus down dead sitting on the ground, at this moment, I have also opened a mobile phone recording. Because it was late in the middle of the night when I arrived in Shijiazhuang, I sat down on the ground crying all night…" Hard on the process of attempted thriller. In the recording, Shi Xiaolei promised not to touch her, but then said "let me see your chest is big," Liu Leyan "without it, we all know that my chest is really big and, after Shi Xiaolei and hug, kiss, Liu Leyan shouted" don’t scare me to death, frequency "Shi Xiaolei also blame her" you are ill is not". Why did she write such a big article? She said this garbage director in the circle of friends actually put her photo resist "baby don’t cry", feel very funny. Finally, she also Xiaolei stone: "this scumbag director also dare to face the circle of friends boycott" baby don’t cry "? Tell you, baby don’t cry "by" the two directors will not touch the fingers of the actress, the two of them than your noble personality. Hundreds of times! The two of them every day the brains fully focused on how to make a good "baby don’t cry"." In this regard, the stone to show micro-blog Fanny WeChat private news, two people did not clarify the face, asked her to delete false information, and told her to tell. Interestingly, the object Xiaolei micro-blog stone concern, has a small model and pageant; and in June this year, he published in micro-blog TV drama "love" as the foam upcoming results, under the net friend message "and unspoken rule, star of" strong overtones. Later, Fanny in micro-blog and facebook.相关的主题文章: