Taiwan, Hubei Association of literature database library officially released a new network – in avbox

Taiwan, Hubei Library Association issued a formal document database? – Beijing, China News Agency, Wuhan, September 26 (Dang Botao September 26th), jointly organized by Huazhong Normal University and the social science literature press ", Taiwan Association of literature database? Hubei Library Conference held in Huazhong Normal University, from the Academy of Social Sciences, Wuhan University, China, Hubei University, Huazhong Normal University Jianghan University and other universities and research institutions participating experts. "Taiwan, Hubei Library Association literature database?" with fellow Hubei brigade Taiwan founded the "Hubei literature" as the basis, a total of 194, 5896, 18783 pages, article 2000 words, which 1773 characters, included 1634 chart. The 4 sections of Hubei library, periodicals, themes, characters and special topics are presented to the content resources of Hubei literature, and the important characters are divided into 11 types. China Federation of Taiwan compatriots vice president Yang Yizhou said, through the support of Taiwan, association of documentation project, save and mining the literature value, research and exchange of power on both sides of the academic culture, far-reaching significance. It is understood that the social science literature press in 2013, in cooperation with the Taiwan publishing agency, embarked on the association of the literature collection work, and received strong support from China Academy of Social Sciences and the China Federation of Taiwan compatriots. As of June 2016, has completed 35, 4514, from about 300 million words will document resource collection work, involving a total of 18 provinces. Taiwan Association, the association of literature database of literature resources all included, to the provinces as a basic unit of the construction of library, and from the 4 dimensions of journals, themes, characters, topics, the association of literature resources and the classification of the overall display display. At present, has completed construction of Hubei library, Shaanxi library, Fujian library, Shandong library, Jiangsu library, Zhejiang library sub library is under construction, the future will be completed at least 18 sub base construction work. (end)相关的主题文章: