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Taizhou’s first "variable lane" was the peak will face the congestion problem has become more "urban diseases". Different periods, the intersection of the traffic flow is very big difference. The relative lack of road space resources, set the mode set fixed in accordance with the general Lane Lane, even manual intervention on red lights, still unable to effectively solve the problems brought by turning traffic flow differences. The day before, Taizhou city’s first variable lane was born in the District of Jiaojiang Maple Road and airport road junction, is located in the west of import left second lanes. This is the city’s first variable guide lanes! What do you mean by a variable lane? There are a lot of drivers expressed doubts that this could be an emergency lane, only special vehicles or in special circumstances can be used. When does the variable lane change direction? When the vehicle is running in a variable lane, the direction of the lane will be switched These issues are the focus of public concern. The traffic police department explained that the variable guide lanes will be based on the traffic flow to adjust the direction of travel, at present the variable guide lanes left second lanes in the early peak to the left lane, in the evening peak is straight lane. The driver in front of the road sign in accordance with the instructions to go, certainly not wrong. At 7:30 on the morning of September 20th, reporters on the scene saw the variable lane intersection indicator display variable lane to the left direction, and many car close to the variable guide lanes, most drivers would hesitate, then carefully open the past. Compared to other lanes, variable lane vehicles some deserted. "Feng Nan Lu this road is six lanes, every morning and evening peak, traveling to the East and from the west to the north in the Maple Road and Airport Road West intersection vehicle very much, therefore, set the variable lane here, our duty pressure is much smaller." Taizhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Bureau order brigade captain Li Yonglong said. Li Yonglong also said, variable lane for the driver is still a new thing, but also need some time to adapt. Driver in the driving process, the key is to look at the lane signs. If the display is straight, the variable lane is straight lane; if the display is a left turn, left turn lane. So drivers in the course of driving must be optimistic about the arrow pointing." What should I do if I miss the driveway? Li Yonglong said, once found in the wrong lane, do not forcibly change lanes, you can turn to the front intersection, so as to avoid traffic accidents. Next, the traffic police department will be used to assess the effectiveness of the pilot variable guide lanes to explore the feasibility of the variable lane in other sections of the road.相关的主题文章: