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E-Books Marketing management involves choosing target markets, which not only gain new customers but also to maintain existing ones. This is a problem, which is based on research and study of practical applications of marketing techniques and management of marketing resources. One who excels in this area is known as marketing director. The work of the director of marketing is to influence the timing and level of customer demand for help with the sale. Depends on the size of the .pany and the environment in the corporate sector. As if working in a large production .pany, which will be the CEO of a particular product category assigned to him and he will be responsible for losses and profits for the product. And small businesses should not exist as marketing director of its work is assured by the .pany. Create and .municate the values of the client can increase the number of customers. The measures taken and resources used to retain customers and win new customers .e in marketing management. The scope is very broad, because it is not only to develop a product but also its maintenance. The term marketing management has many definitions. In fact, depends on how business and marketing functions and activities of other ministries, such as financing transactions, pricing and sales. Before deciding on a marketing strategy, the .pany must make a thorough study on their .pany and market. This is where it merged with the management of the strategic marketing planning. Usually the marketing strategies are of three types, customer analysis, business analysis and .petitor analysis. Using the analysis of customers, the market is divided into different types of customers. The marketing makes the management characteristics and other variables in each group. It is the geographic location, demographics, characteristics and behavior of customers. As one group of people can be recognized May be less price sensitive, purchases and are more and more often. These groups can be worked by strong investment and the value of money and time. You can not just keep customers and new customers in this group, but can be adapted to return clients who are not part of this group. Understanding of customer needs that makes the waiting to be satisfied with their satisfaction better than its .petitors, leading to increased sales and profits. .pany analysis highlights the cost structure and corporate resources and costs .pared to .petitors. The use of accounting executives to learn about the benefits of a particular product. Sometimes, audits are performed to study the strengths of different brands of the .pany. Marketing analysis using the .petitor construct detailed profiles of customers. Gives a clear idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the .pany over a .petitor. The .pany’s cost structure, resources, .petitive positioning, degree of vertical integration, product differentiation, and benefits are studied in detail and .pared with what the .pany is in these areas. Marketing management to marketing analysis carries out market research. The most .mon of these surveys are qualitative marketing research, marketing research, quantitative, experimental and observational techniques. After all the studies and the research is conducted, its easier for the marketing manager for strategic decisions, and you can design a marketing strategy to increase profits and revenue to your business. Other objectives may be the long-term market share and revenue growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: