that they only need to be concerned with their own local competitors. There are several different ways to be successful with local business marketing. Much of it depends on the businesses owner 小偷行窃遭猛揍 朴槿惠受审露笑容

Marketing It is hard to believe how many smart business owners have no idea of how Internet marketing works for their local businesses. If they did, they would all be lining up to take advantage of what is possible. I get a lot of blank stares from savvy business owners, that think this concept crazy. They seem to think that everything on Google is up for sale and they know absolutely nothing about natural or organic listings. They do realize that the Internet is global but not that they can compete on a local level. And, that they only need to be concerned with their own local competitors. There are several different ways to be successful with local business marketing. Much of it depends on the businesses owner, market and goals. Let us now take a look at some these strategies and how they apply to local advertising. Most entrepreneurs understand the concept and importance of being ranked highly in the Google search engines. Most business owners, however, do not have a clue for what it takes to do this. If your site is ranked number 1 in Google for its biggest Keyword, it will receive a minimum of 40% of the clicks from the total number of searches for that keyword. The first step in this process is to make sure that your site is Google friendly. There are many things that Google like and dislikes as far as how they grade your site. The more likable it is, the easier it will move up through Google to a highly ranked position. This is known as on site SEO. On site SEO is concerned with things such as meta-tags, article headers, on site content, keywords, fixing broken links and linking off of the site and around the site, are all good. Secondly, local websites should be listed in all of the major online directory sites. This is true for a few reasons. Firstly, site owners want their names and business to be out there on the Internet to as many different places as possible. Costumers seeing your business in several places will create trust between you and them. And, these directories provide trusted back links to your site which helps with authority and Google likes it. Off site SEO is the next technique associated with this type of marketing. This process is to place as many quality links as you can on other sites, that point back to yours. This can be achieved in many natural ways but marketers believe that if you can get links on sites that have high page rank, authority and are relative to the content on your site, the better they are. Let us suppose that you have site that is in the plumbing industry. A link from Roto Rooter would be very powerful in Google’s eyes as apposed to a link from Jim’s Chicken Shack. The problem with this strategy is that many of the authoritative sites do not allow free back-linking, so you have to find other ways to do this. Websites and pages that are static or without activity are not desired by the search engines anymore. Google likes Web 2.0 sites instead. These sites allow writers to post valuable content on them but also will let visitors interact with the pages. Nowadays, you can post comments, or take polls or join list when you are on a Web 2.0 page. Google sees this activity as adding to the web users overall Internet experience. There are many, many other Internet marketing strategies for small business advertising, too many for this article, to explore with any depth. Just remember Marketing is just doing whatever you can to get costumers. Everything that helps to do this, is very valuable and can change a business dramatically. I do need to mention some of the other techniques that are available, they can be; Social Media , Video , Audio , Press Release’s, Article Submissions and List Building. These are all effective tools depending on the market and the goals of the site owner. It doesn’t really matter what your plan of attack is as long as you have one. This stuff isn’t going away folks and the earlier a business owners comes aboard the better for him or her and it is not so good for their local competitors. Online Marketing is the first step in dominating your market. Just ask the guy that is currently ranked number one in you area. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: