The bathroom storage method to create Home Furnishing arranged in good order.-huangshexiaoshuo

The bathroom storage method to build the Home Furnishing Chu Home Furnishing arranged in good order [introduction] the room is a lot of people do not love to do, in fact, to pay more attention to put some items, and with the help of some auxiliary storage artifact, can make the goods no longer be messy, orderly. HYVE system storage box [1] the basic principle of box finishing system is summarized: the same type of things together, and then placed in the specified location. It is convenient for storage, convenient for days. The design of the HYVE system is made up of several six prism plastic tubes. Each cylinder is an independent inductive space, and the combination of cylinder 22 with the hook of the edge can form a larger inductive category module. Are the hearts of the controllers itching? It’s worth mentioning that besides the desktop, the design can also be hung on the wall. Vitra toolbox toolbox [2] this toolbox can be placed on the desktop, pen, stationery, book notes, and other objects can be placed to be arranged. When you need it, you can walk out of it without looking at it. It’s a waste of time. Miniforms hook sheet [3] sheet hook on the table, chair, clothes, bags, scarves and caps are removed, the house will look nicer. The presence of a hook can help you realize that idea. But the ordinary hook is also a problem, thin hook is difficult to bear the weight of the heavy clothes for a long time, the clothes is easy to fall on the ground, the room will look more chaos. So, we’re going to introduce this piece of hooks – thin clothes hanging on a single piece, thick ones hanging on a couple of parallel hooks. Hook between levels, can also help you with a dress does not touch another thing. OXO folding colander [4] folding colander in the room, you will not have a hope that things disappear in mind? Especially those heavy, large objects, is not the best stealth? Then select folding Home Furnishing products, so you can put them folded to hide in the clean-up. This is a silicone folding filter pot is a can be hidden folding kitchen utensils.

卫浴间收纳法 打造井井有条的家居  【大楚家居导读】整理房间是很多人都不喜欢做的事,其实,在平时多注意一些物品的摆放,再借助一些收纳神器的辅助,就可以让物品不再杂乱,做到井然有序。HYVE系统收纳盒  【1】 系统收纳盒  整理的基本原则就是归纳:把同类型的东西放在一起,然后放在指定的位置。这样既方便储存,也方便日后寻找。  这款叫做HYVE系统的设计,由多个六棱柱塑料筒组成。每个筒都是独立的归纳空间,而利用边缘的挂钩将筒两两组合起来后又可以形成更大的归纳类别模块。收纳控们的心是不是痒起来了?  值得一提的是,除了放在桌面上,这款设计还可以被挂在墙上。Vitra工具箱  【2】 工具箱  这款工具箱可以被放在桌面上,笔、便签、文具、本子等物件都可以被分门别类地放好。需要的时候,你还可以把它们一提就走——再也不用东找西看,浪费时间了。Miniforms片状挂钩  【3】 片状挂钩  把桌上、椅背上、地上的衣服、包、围巾、帽子等都移走,房子一定会看上去更整洁。挂钩的存在,就能帮你实现这个想法。不过普通的挂钩也有问题,单薄的钩子很难承受厚重衣物的分量——时间久了,衣服很容易掉在地上,房间看着会更乱。于是,我们要隆重介绍这个片状挂钩——薄的衣服挂在单片上,厚重的则挂在几个平行的片钩上。片钩间的层次,也能帮助你在拿一件衣服时不会碰落另一件。OXO可折叠滤锅  【4】 可折叠滤锅  在整理房间时,你会不会有一种希望东西全部消失的想法?特别是那些笨重、巨大的物件,是不是最好能够隐形?那么以后请选择可折叠式家居用品,这样,你就能在大扫除时把它们折好再藏起来。  这一款硅胶材质的折叠式滤锅就是一件能被藏起来的可折叠式厨具。相关的主题文章: