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The best time for the best supplement during pregnancy, pregnant mother you supplement it? – Sohu maternal iodine is indispensable to human nutrition, thyroid hormone raw materials manufacturing. It can promote protein biosynthesis and promote the growth and development of fetus. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy, is the most serious harm to the fetus congenital mental retardation or even an idiot. Even if the acquired iodine, and its intelligence is difficult to improve life. Iodine deficiency after birth showed obvious retardation, short stature, intelligence is shorter than the upper part of the body; with different degree of hearing and language disorders; facial expression indifferent, a giggle dementia face; like a duck for rocking gait. The symptoms of medically known as cretinism, also known as cretinism. It is a disease that has a clear cause and a way to prevent and treat it. Healthy adults have a total of 15-20 milligrams of iodine, of which 70-80% is present in the thyroid gland. It is very important to the body’s health and metabolism. But the iodine content of different foods in large area, which is due to water, soil and food by the method of local conventional cooking and other processing methods due to the impact of. Some areas in the dry cereal, adding iodide as a stabilizer, it is very common to use iodized salt. To ensure the safety of iodine intake from the best natural food intake, high iodine foods are marine food, vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, Cereals, fruits. If the use of potassium iodide iodine, must not be too much attention. Kelp is rich in iodine. The iodine content of the kelp is up to 5%–8%, but also rich in iron, iodine and the prevention and treatment of anemia in pregnancy pregnant women is a good food. Kelp also contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Pregnant women as long as the guarantee to eat 1-2 times a week kelp, you can meet the needs of iodine during pregnancy. However, the amount of arsenic in kelp is also high, up to 35-50 mg kg, which is caused by sea water pollution. Arsenic and arsenic compounds are toxic, is the most toxic trivalent arsenic (e.g. arsenic), arsenic toxicity is small, but still in the human body can be transformed into trivalent arsenic. WHO stipulates that the daily intake of human arsenic intake of 0.05 mg kg. However, the arsenic content of dried kelp has been greatly exceeded the above criteria. In order to ensure the safety of edible kelp, according to the characteristics of arsenic can be dissolved in water, will eat kelp with enough water to soak for 24 hours, changing the water wash soaking process, 24 hours after the water dried storage backup, to prevent arsenic poisoning. Pregnant women have an increased thyroid function and an increased demand for iodine. The development of the fetal brain must depend on the adequacy of the thyroid hormone. If the supply of fetal iodine deficiency during pregnancy, fetal thyroid hormone synthesis will lead to insufficient, and thyroxine is an important raw material to promote the development of the brain and bones. During the best period of iodine is a special period for women, maternal and fetal iodine on the increase in demand, enhance the ability of iodine excretion of the kidney, the maternal iodine deficiency in relative state. In coastal and low-lying areas such as iodine deficiency, pregnant women do not need to supplement; and in the inland areas lack of iodine, pregnant women need adequate iodine. Iodine!相关的主题文章: