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The British Championships recommended: three line of attack against Bolton – Sohu to take eight consecutive game time: 2016 11.09          Wednesday   03:45: 0.72    asian handicap   Cheltenham           0.5        Bolton; 1.04 European index: 3.18      3.30      2 match Preview: Wednesday morning football championship to England group phase by four, this season because this cup sponsor changed, causing the cup in the game system has made great reform. The knockout form will be changed to the primary stage partition group phase, and then enter the semi-finals, but also to avoid too many teams early exit. At the same time, the Youth League in the Premier League also participated in the tournament, so that a large number of new players and young players get the opportunity to exercise. Cheltenham recently state is stable, the team in the FA Cup debut last week against Crewe, both sides can be replayed. The team has 8 games unbeaten in all competitions, in the face of home court is expected to pull the opponent to hoe bolton. Bolton recently three line attack and take a 7 game winning streak, even more than the best ifheavier. More commendable is that the 8 game Bolton defence only lost 1 ball, defensive do so, believe play level, opportunity is very strong – bolton. The two teams do not belong to the same handicap chase league teams. At Bolton was unanimously optimistic about the mechanism, make life and death away 0.5 aocai handicap, out of 1.04 high water on the attitude, set up a high water blocking game player, reverse thinking analysis, strong side Bolton is still worthy of game player involved, unless the spot appeared back disc or data changes, or by the set of potential analysis, Bolton away still trusted. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:4, 1:2 Beijing single field did not let the ball, SMG recommended: 0 let the ball Shengping Fu Cheltenham (+1) recommended: 01 ball, SMG football did not get the ball, recommended: 0相关的主题文章: