The country’s first hope primary school status Hardware rapid upgrade, teachers are short board – So

The first hope primary school status: Hardware rapidly improving, teachers are short board of education in September 5th the first national Sohu, the hope that the Jinzhai County of Anhui province Lu’an city primary school — hope primary school ushered in twenty-seventh new school year. From an initial reconstruction from the shrine to the classroom, two storey building, and then to the modern school, now has a number of school buildings and multimedia teaching equipment and standardized playground for 27 years, Jinzhai County hope primary school changes in turn the world upside down. However, in the process of rapid upgrading of hardware equipment, Jinzhai hope primary school is still faced with the problem of software level, the aging of teachers, teachers can not keep, the lack of professional teachers…… The problem of teachers, tightly strangling the development of the village primary school. Our school has been 10 years since the preparation of full, no teacher, so the age of fault, at the same time, due to the old school teachers have not yet retired, but not the recruitment of a large number of young teachers can quickly adapt to the new teaching concept and mode." Jinzhai hope primary school principals Dong Zehe told surging news (), the school more than 50 years old, retired teachers accounted for a large proportion of the old. The Jinzhai County Bureau of education, basic education section chief Tian Kaiyong also said that many hope primary school teachers are facing the plight of aging. At the same time with aging, young teachers can not afford to stay. Jinzhai County Central Primary School Principals You Fang Dian Lin? Said, in recent years, the number of the number of school teachers in general than the left. The teacher is not stable, every year we are very worried about the configuration of the teacher." Jinzhai hope primary school teaching building. From the wall tile to the modernization of the school along the highway through the mountains, after 1.5 hour drive from Jinzhai county to the town located in Nanxi Jinzhai County hope primary school. At 7:30 on the morning of September 5th, the 27 year old Hope primary school to come to a full stop at the door to send their children to school Zhudongju, the narrow road is blocked, the half. Compared with schools around the building, Jinzhai County hope primary school buildings seem stand head and shoulders above others. The playground is the 5 floor of the main teaching building, the left hand side is a comprehensive building and dormitory. Hanging on the front of the hall of science, love building three characters, highlighting the characteristics of hope primary school. "I can’t believe in the mountains, even hidden so a modern primary school." July 2016, Shanghai Univer School of journalism students Zheng Lipeng and students came to Jinzhai County hope primary school to carry out social practice, was surprised at the school hardware facilities. In 1990, Jinzhai County hope primary school also called Nanxi town center primary school, the school is a temple town. "The original school is wall tile, roof air leaks, windows without glass, in the winter, the teachers put the paste on the window with translucent vellum, sometimes broken window paper, the wind from the hole into the classroom, not cold." In 1988 at Nanxi town center primary school teacher Yang Xianming told the surging news, the school where the temple was built in the last century in 20s and 30s, green and black tiles, the classroom with no electricity, on a cloudy day"相关的主题文章: