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The drama "youth through exposure" character poster ticketing full sale – Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news do you know your parents? Do you understand their youth? In November 25, 26 days, by the Chinese Railway Art Troupe carefully build a large realistic theme drama "through youth" will visit Beijing Tianqiao theater. The play co written by Prince Hebei, Pan Xinxin, the famous director Pan Xinxin, Xi’an assembly enterprise culture Communication Co. Ltd and China Railway Art Troupe produced, performances, the day before the drama character poster exposure, the 17 main actors in the poster full debut, while Beijing ticketing overall sale, welcome to Beijing children with their parents. Through the Youth Drama "poster" drawn through the youth youth story, a common interpretation by 28 professional actors from the center of the Chinese Railway Art Troupe theater, is a production of fine texture, contains boutique drama, reflected in the intellectruals, tells the story of the year special background carries the dream of youth four City Youth, Liu Jing, Zhao Jianhua Xue Mei and Jia Xiaojun came to the countryside, and the local farmers honest feelings among the story, to show humanity in the special historical period. The play vividly and vivid expression, through four different youth experience story, true to reproduce in the youth who chaduiluohu the real feelings, depicts a generation of youth memories, is a story of youth story, the aftertaste of art as a youth years. Director Pan Xinxin said, the many stories are in reality, for example: farmers chicken eat wheat, captain said: "the youth is caught kill with lawful authority", put the chicken to eat. For example: the village poor old good boy, lives alone, listening to the female youth said to be rooted to a settled, adoptive son, hope to stay youth when the daughter, the people give away. To face the old good baby off the only thought, shame and shame on the jump of the cliff…… At the same time, even the name of winter, many good old female baby with real name, "in order to ensure authentic, many lines are the real truth." The theme of the play is heavy, the overall production of sophisticated. For the year, local customs and practices folk best effect to restore the appearance of reproduction, stage design scheme after several adjustments, how can better reflect the Loess Plateau in Northern Shaanxi in the stage, with a realistic approach to the performance also has the limitation, the final choice to write the impressionistic and props, make the slope platform combination performers and to the stage of distance, to the audience with imagination, vivid aesthetic effect, the special period of folk customs, local customs and practices appearance reduction reproduction, arouse the common memories of youth generation. Through the youth "youth through" stills creative team lineup, the production team strength. The whole drama rehearsal preparation process embodies the dedication and professional actor. Because the number is big drama actor, standard, and actor covering all ages, including the integration of three generations of actors and the special age all understood as hard task. From the preparatory work began, the actors and creative together, to experience life in rural areas of Yanan, and the organization of the Youth Forum activities. "One minute on the stage takes ten years.".相关的主题文章: