The draw! World Cup lottery 1 note 5 million is 1 million 940 thousand y580

The draw! World Cup lottery 1 note 5 million 194 nations accumulated foot home court draw Qatar Beijing time on November 16th, victory in 16174th lottery results were announced: the first prize out of 1 note 5 million, two out of 61 note 48 thousand yuan, accumulated 1 million 940 thousand; nine 589 note 17 thousand yuan. The outcome of the lottery lottery 14 games total of $15508116, or any of the nine betting amount of $15880238. This draws a lot: pre match, Iran China World Asia and Australia with their opponents, the World Cup warm-up match in England, Italy and Austria are the world pre harvest draw; South America game, Bolivia and Ecuador Guaduoerjun in home court winning. In 2 games, Argentina in the home court just 3-0 victory over Columbia, Chile in the home court – Uruguay 3-1. Another point of concern is that the winning color betting a total of about 15 million 500 thousand, while the nine betting amount is about 15 million 880 thousand, nine lottery sales over 14. Hungary Austria Italy North winning color love Ukraine England China Syria Boliweie Ecuador Argentina Yatai in Chile reminder: United Arab Emirates deadline for the period of awarding the January 16, 2017, overdue for Qijiang treatment相关的主题文章: