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The female boss will be paid when a strange combination of circumstances temporary wage checks lost money away to play lady (hereinafter a pseudonym) can be negligent wrong exchange of money, the other has refused to pay back the money, but also playing a "lost"." The day before, Huzhou Deqing court judge to call the hotline party, to remind the public that the transfer must be carefully check the account information, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. After the discovery of transfer errors, to retain the appropriate transfer of evidence and timely to the bank and the police for help. If the payee does not cooperate, the receiver may sue the payee to the court in order to protect his property. Originally, Ms. Qian operates a grocery store in deqing. She hired a full-time delivery laborer – Lee, to provide door-to-door service for customers. The two sides agreed in advance, Lee monthly salary of 1740 yuan. The 20 day of each month, Ms. Qian will be on time to go to the bank to pay Li hui. Went to the remittance day, she unexpectedly sleepwalk to remit 3867.22 yuan of money to purchase the company, wrong remitted to Lee, until the second day when found on the card check accounts, less than 3000 yuan. But at this time, Lee’s phone has been unable to contact. "He’s got a nerve to get rid of the money." Ms. Qian said. Subsequently, although Ms. Lee and Lee repeatedly communicate, but he was reluctant to return this piece of heaven fell pie". Lee insisted that the money since the account of their own, that is their own income, not to steal to rob, is the lady’s own operating errors, the loss should be borne by ms.. In desperation, Ms. Lee can only appeal to the local court. Then the money, as Lee said is "deserved"? During the interview, the judge told reporters that Lee has received more than 3000 yuan is not a legal basis, belonging to unjust enrichment, Ms. Qian has the right to request Lee to repay. The so-called "unjust enrichment" refers to the obligation to bear the obligation to return if it has not been legally established, or has been recognized as a loss due to the losses suffered by others. In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, unjust enrichment should be promptly returned to the interests of the loss, otherwise it will be recognized as the legitimate rights and interests of others. After the court decision, Lee ignored the laws and regulations, still refused to pay back the money. Dunning repeatedly failed, Ms. Qian also apply to the court for enforcement. Eventually, the two sides signed a settlement agreement, Lee will be returned to the 3867.22 yuan ms.. In the "Internet plus" era, more and more people choose to use the convenience of online banking, mobile phone banking and financial transactions. The party hotline also reminded the public: if you encounter a windfall "good thing", don’t be greedy, unjust enrichment is not protected by law, if not timely return may stand a lawsuit, become "to their own integrity, unexpected trouble" Tim stains. In addition, if the remitter wrong remitted the amount of money involved, in order to prevent the transfer of money or other waste, can apply to the court for property preservation before litigation, freeze the other accounts, in order to protect the property safety, to minimize the loss. Lawyers say: the so-called unjust enrichment, which means that there is no legal basis, or after the loss of the legitimate basis and was recognized as a result of the loss of others suffered gains, should bear the obligation to return.相关的主题文章: