The future development plan of Shenyang River along the East Tower will be set up full financial Dep ssdao

The future development plan of Shenyang River along the East Tower will be set up: full financial deputy city center in September 26th, 2016 years Chinese city planning will be "city repair, ecological restoration" as the theme of the Freedom Forum, deputy director of the Shenyang municipal planning and Land Resources Bureau Yan Wenfu Hun River Regulation Project as an example, introduced the Shenyang city "double repair work. And disclose the relevant plan for future development along the river. Yan Wenfu said, the future, Shenyang will be the center of linkage, to make regional, ecological benefits to the city from the river and further enhance the transformation function. At present, the relevant planning and design has been basically completed.         location: Hunhe River will become the city "silver belt" Yan Wenfu said, Shenyang Hunhe flows more than and 170 km, belonging to seven administrative region. The 1979 version of the plan, become a major channel of Shenyang Hunhe River, runs through the city. The total planning version 2011, enhance the Hunhe River function of the city, to build the city center real frame. In the new round of overall planning of Shenyang City, the city along the Hunhe River defined as "silver belt", and the "Golden Corridor" in Shenyang city and development of the "cross" structure. As the development of Shenyang City area along the river carrying the skeleton, the innovation of science and technology, international exchanges, cultural industry and tourism city functions, Shenyang is boosting innovation and service industry development, change the mode of economic development, accelerate the realization of an important carrier of the construction of National Central City goals. Area: along the reservation deputy city center Yan Wenfu said, Hunhe visions of the future, is able to move towards regional center linkage. In the river along the East Tower, full of melting, German reservation Industrial Park City Deputy Center of construction land, development intensity, visual corridor, skyline are pre control and development. Continue to extend from the city to the Hun river ecological benefit function upgrading and transformation. The future, some of the new town center will become an important carrier of the core functions of the city, the Hun River "silver belt" will gradually form a reasonable level, a clear division of labor, with their own characteristics, the joint development of city center system. East Tower, full of melting, the Sino German Industrial Park core area as the key area of city design, to strengthen the guidance and control of construction of key areas along the river. Among them, the East Tower positioning for green ecological characteristics as the core, in business, science and technology research and development and cultural diversity as the leading function of eastern city deputy center; full financing is the international exchange and producer services agglomeration in the new center; Sino German Industrial Park focus on the development of automobile and parts, advanced machinery and equipment manufacturing, producer service industry is a Sino German industrial cluster, 4 strategic cooperation zone. Traffic: traffic system of Shenyang city convenient specifically on the Hunhe River along the city developed a detailed planning. Give full play to the leading role of radiation areas along the river, from the function, industry, transportation, service facilities, accelerate the development of "silver belt". By "Chenghe harmony" concept, optimize the functional layout, the waterfront will stimulate vitality, city leisure activities to the waterfront space. By increasing the waterfront public functions and land use, optimize the quality of the environment and other ways to enhance the attractiveness of the waterfront相关的主题文章: