The Hawks encouraged dollar gold price rise next week to restart the decline winsockfix

The Hawks encouraged dollar gold price rise next week to restart the decline of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Gold investment network September 10th news, in September the price of gold rose, gold market this week is also worth looking forward to, but subsequent unemployment and relevant decisions of the conference, the gold price downward pressure, the weekly line to end. About 9 since Friday’s payrolls data unexpectedly weak, this week the U.S. data also low-spirited, the market is generally expected in September will not raise interest rates, the United States refers to the recent drop rate increase, stimulate Gold & Oil rebound. On Friday there is no important data under the condition of market focus, Fed officials, the Fed’s dovish officials have issued a hawkish remarks hike, which makes the market very surprised, and push up the dollar index rose to three day high. After this week, crude oil inventories fell sharply, investors further analysis of the causes of inventory decline, and inventory is expected next week is expected to increase, coupled with a stronger dollar, excess supply worries still trading on Friday, oil prices fell. This week the European bank resolution to maintain interest rates unchanged, by the United States that the strong influence of the euro fell sharply. The dollar is the main factors put pressure on the euro, although the European Central Bank to launch more stimulus measures have disappointed the market in a meeting on Thursday, but the market analysis still believes that the future of the European Central Bank is expected to further easing in the euro zone, weak economic data released Friday also put pressure on the euro. Author Chai Jun believes that the European Central Bank in September should be regarded as the interest rate meeting delay time, rather than refuse further easing, and is expected to announce a new action in December, Delaki. Spot gold next week, the basic data is relatively light, in addition to conventional data released, there is no important news. Recommendations focus or focus on the dollar, the dollar and gold and the trend of crude oil is anti related, the United States that rose Gold & Oil will fall, flexibility is higher than that of the United States refers to the gold and crude oil, so before operation as much as possible to analyze the dollar. A set of solutions to a single, first look at the trend, the trend was determined, then the key support and resistance, to list out at the highest point of a region or low, of course also need to have the determination, release does not seek to recoup their losses, but the losses to a minimum level. The price of gold weekly this week charged the shadow of a long line of small Shenyang, since last Friday by the positive impact of the gold from the low of 1303 near the sharp rebound in the first two trading days this week extended gains after three days was weak. By the 240 day moving average weekly 1351 position pressing down, prices fell below the 5 day, 10 day moving average support next week, short-term concern 10 average 1336 resistance, but need to focus on the cloth belt rail support 1306. The recent price pressure significantly, next week will probably continue to be weak, short-term concern about 1320-1323 regional support, operation, market rebound near 1336-1338 short, target 1327, below initial tentative 1323, with a stop below 1320, 13 of the short-term goal相关的主题文章: