The high temperature of 40 5 year old couple working for her daughter graduate school tuition site p happynewyear

The high temperature of 40 5 year old couple working for her daughter graduate school tuition site public channel Tan Yu Xinglian is moving bar. After a few days later in the autumn cool, "stove" Wuhan angry, almost equal to 40 DEG C temperature. Hu Kuiyu, a 50 year old migrant worker from Hubei Province, province, and his wife, the wife of the age of 46, went out to work about 4 years ago, and worked in the city of Badong. At that time, her daughter read the third need money. The "couple" at the site of hard sweat, one or two times a year to return home, only for a year can save thirty thousand or forty thousand yuan subsidy for home. "As long as you live, you want to go on," Hu Kuiyu said. Today, the couple’s daughter is going to graduate school two. She said she would study hard, strive for work, so that parents no longer toil. High temperature under the couple stalls in August 16th, Wuhan, high temperature orange warning. Wuhan City, Hankou, two buildings have been erected. At 5 in the afternoon, the temperature is still about 40 degrees centigrade. In order to avoid the more hot noon, site selection at this time to start. Hu Kuiyu and his colleagues began to work, they want to complete the vertical sealing reinforcement, because the next day to be concrete pouring. Scaffolding erection, laying beams and plates, steel and other work needs to be completed a few days in advance. Carpentry group every three layers, the bottom layer of the scaffolding, the concrete used for the demolition of reinforced concrete, shipped to a higher level, once again set up scaffolding to prepare a new layer of construction. So back and forth, until the cap. Hu Kuiyu’s main work is to set up scaffolding, vertical sealing reinforcement, as well as for the preparation of concrete to do: tie steel, reinforced beams with wooden planks, threading poles, pouring concrete after the removal of wood. Facing the camera, some dodge Hu Kuiyu. He seldom spoke when he was working. A worker found after testing, a piece of wood is not very positive. Hu Kuiyu picked up the hammer, backhand pull up steel nail, and then use the hammer face repeatedly tapping wood inside. After the adjustment, and then use the steel nails will be fixed until the board adjustment. The scaffolding on site intensive, by the workers called "scaffold", very action. Hu Kuiyu was very familiar with the environment, and he walked nimbly through the scaffold. With steel, hand hammer, sweat streaming down the face, he has no time to wipe. His waist, tied up with rope in the detergent box of homemade a toolbox". See, he took out a few steel nails from the toolbox, the bottom board nailed. Then, the 32 rub on the scaffolding, fixed in the upper and middle wood. Sometimes, he was wearing a long black white gloves single handedly holding the scaffold, a short rest. His red shirt was soaked with sweat. Put a 3 litre mug, full of good foam Chrysanthemum Tea. Yu Xinglian is responsible for the transportation of materials, coolie, rubbish. At 5:34 in the afternoon, Yu Xinglian with three bars climbed up the stairs, tanned cheeks dripping with sweat. After stacking, she went around to collect the remaining parts of the scaffolding erected, classified put. Yu Xinglian and co-workers while picking up side chat, hearty laughter issued from time to time. Hu Kuiyu is working with his homemade kit on his waist. After working for a while, she put her hands together相关的主题文章: