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The international spread innovative ways to broaden the channels of   to show a good image – the media – original title: International Department of the CPC Central Committee Party: Innovation of external communication show the good image of Party points to open the International Department of the CPC Central Committee’s official website, blue and white color eye, bright and clean. Of the home page is intuitive and a large amount of information, including Zoomlion publishing, inter party exchanges, focusing the dynamic external work, documentary, Newsline, world party plate. As the foreign minister Guo Yezhou said, as the party responsible for the professional organization of foreign exchanges, only through a variety of ways to China way of the Communist Party to speak well, explained the theory, system thoroughly, in order to promote the international community to understand, understand and respect Chinese, so as to establish a good image of the party and the state of the us. The diversification of content to maximize the communication effects along with the rapid development of our country, how to make use of various channels and integrated platform, the concept of governance, spread the party’s ruling practice, respond to the concerns of the international community, which shows a good international image of our party, improve the international discourse, become a important proposition. Of the relevant responsible person said, this is also the focus of the work of the party’s work in the new situation of pioneering and innovative. "Chinese news publication newspaper" reporter learned that, in recent years, the international spread through channel innovation, and strive to maximize the communication effects. The multi platform multi channel communication advantages based on the international lead organization of foreign envoys "into the party departments, special media briefing and other activities, allowing visitors to experience the Chinese Communist Party keeps pace with the times, reform and innovation, openness, and further transfer out of our party’s policy ideas. In addition to organize a series of activities under the line, the International Liaison Department in the new media has also been exploring a. The official website of the multi terminal platform, showing a rapid, comprehensive, accurate, timely and dynamic for everyone, and the creation of the party’s external work exhibition, to celebrate the 95 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and other special graphic in a special report in the column. Through a variety of graphic and video reports, special reports, to provide you with a comprehensive, intuitive content services. With the rapid growth of China’s mobile phone users, the application of new media tends to move. In order to better adapt to the new media structure, expand the communication effect of setting up the mobile phone APP, two-dimensional code scanning through the official website of the upper right corner, the official website of the information can be synchronized to the mobile phone, mobile watch related content. Use of various channels in the party’s external work, build a foreign financing platform, let the world concern and research experts China, can direct face-to-face exchanges with the CPC leaders, decision makers and practitioners in all aspects, thus to draw their own subjective judgment, understand the real Chinese. At the same time, through the official website, mobile phones and other organic combination, to maximize the quality of content dissemination. Spread innovative ways to broaden the channels of communication with the diverse needs of the audience, the focus of the spread pattern of continuous exploration and innovation, in the mode of transmission, through the production of film and television works, broaden the channels of communication, dissemination of our party’s ruling idea. As of July 1st this year, to commemorate the founding)相关的主题文章: