The invisible voice of the world becomes your emotional fuse

The invisible voice of the world to become your emotional focus on the number of public concern Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public number is psychological "original title: busy parents not aware of the emotional education of three errors from the beginning of pregnancy fuse many parents aware of their mood to keep calm, too many problems worrying and at a loss. However, provides a new perspective of cognitive psychology, children’s problems may be our emotions ignited the fuse, many other hidden or ignored the psychological experience. Sometimes, things may not be so serious or difficult to solve, if you can calm down to analyze the face, and even find this is a child growing up, the family must go through the challenge. Aiming at the difficulties parents currently provide some parenting tips, I hope to help you. In the limited time we often unconsciously increase education force busy day father returned home, saw the 5 year old son in watching cartoons when not to laugh, but grandma is holding a bowl beside the fed. He suddenly felt anger up, walked directly off the TV, loudly say to the child: "eat well, eat their own." The child was frightened, "wow" cry, my grandmother anxious straight stamping. A survey from the "new weekly": busy work, busy family, is the main reason for most of the 80 children absent life. Many parents think that their children do not have enough time, so in a limited time, often unconsciously increase education. We need to be vigilant for themselves and their children. When children together, to relax, enjoy the wonderful time spent together, enhance the connection with the child’s psychological, then according to the development stage of children, once only from a viewpoint of education and influence. We always spend good time to make a choice for all tomorrow’s variables a father turn in the circle of friends, children in kindergarten enrollment, parents began to enter the school district, public and private issues such as the entangled state, how to do? In the face of a variety of options, our hearts are very normal hesitation, and sometimes there will be a choice, to give up the other one, they lost what the future can not be felt. In fact, in most cases, we choose which path to go forward, happy life, and really hinder our achievements we make a love trap is a choice to bear all the variables tomorrow. So, parents in the assessment of the economic situation and energy status of the family, with their education ideas, consider a variety of school advantages, we can all find alternatives, rather than the optimal one, and then walking to see the side adjustment. The flexibility of the parents will be very helpful to the child’s adaptive development, resulting in a good interaction between children, families and schools. A lot of good interaction effect in the invisible sound outside your parenting ideas and emotions have a stay-at-home mom recently particularly anxious for a child’s first food, she has a lot of ideas)相关的主题文章: