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A major threat to humans: antibiotics and disappearance of microorganisms (video) Martin · Blazer (Martin Blaser) works "disappeared" is Mr. microbial bookstore sales, price concessions, the free mail, click on the bottom of the article read the text immediately to buy this book. The discovery of antibiotics has been more than 70 years, it was once a ready-made panacea has saved countless lives, so many feared diseases become the past. However, the "disappeared" microbial author Martin · Blazer found in his 40 years of study, and the rest of humanity related microbes are disappearing! At the same time, some rare disease is spreading quietly…… What is the role of microorganisms in our body? Who killed the disappearance of the microorganism? Martin · Blazer believes that in the past few decades, due to the abuse of antibiotics and caesarean section, we have inadvertently hurt human beings and cooperated evolving hundreds of thousands of years of "microbial friends, especially in children. If the situation is out of control, we will face what kind of threat? Mr. warm-hearted for your detailed interpretation of the "disappeared" (the video for microbial Lite) warm-hearted Mr. whose real name is Lan Canhui, intestinal health science author, enthusiastic gut co-founder, life science and medicine, Tsinghua Alumni Association Secretary general. The representative works of popular science: "what is the human intestinal health is the first killer?", "79 super microbial knowledge, to help you nurture 99 super gifted baby", "35 picture, read the magic relationship between the gut and brain, absolute knowledge," "up! The baby intestinal bacteria grow five" "the first time", "8 days, 3 magazines, 10 pieces of heavy paper! Microbial research rare outbreak!" etc.. Reader app, is committed to the mobile terminal + video to achieve the spread of new ideas. Through the present academic circle of the author, translator and scholar, to form new and classic short video resolution, convenient reader convenient and fast break professional barriers and the place and time limit, and obtain the essence of thought, realize the speakers and readers, the interaction between the reader and the reader. Click "read the original" to buy a good book!相关的主题文章: