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The museum not only to live — and painting —     Beijing daily Fan Chang recently, "let the museum become a way of life" press conference came the news: Beijing will add 100 community museum in the "13th Five-Year" period, the village community, more and more will have their own museum. To a certain extent, the museum reflects the cultural heritage of a city. According to statistics, at present Beijing area for registration of the museum, a total of more than 170, covering the city’s 16 districts, and the average annual growth rate of five to a new museum. By the end of 2014, Beijing has more than New York, Madrid, has become the world’s number of article more than and 2 of the city museum. The number is many, the museum is also very clear: the embarrassment of a holiday, in addition, the first large country Bo Bo Museum overflowing, the other a large number of small and medium-sized Museum basically neglected. This uneven hot and cold also reminds us to let go into the museum as a way of life, the number of coverage is on the one hand, improve utilization is on the other hand. For now, some of the reasons why the museum is deserted, there are lack of publicity and promotion factors, but more or less on the functional structure of the short board. Is embodied in: "tall" palace, "down to earth" less content; multi stack collections, friendly design; "old routine", "new skills". In this context, the audience is on the history of the long heavy awe, but also inevitably will be more a sense of distance, the museum as a "high level", and it is difficult to as part of their daily life. The form of the museum, its birth is due to the maintenance of the common needs of human memory. As the carrier of history and culture, it not only undertakes the responsibility of inheriting national culture and cultivating the spirit of humanity, but also acts as the spokesman of history and the narrator of the times. Today, the requirement of modern society but also gives it a new mission, as public education resources, it should also assume the "refined" social service function, not only for the elite scholar elegant tasting, but also to encourage ordinary people to. This is undoubtedly the current museum construction requires clear functional positioning. Living museum is bound to integrate into life, the museum to live must also be integrated into life. The development of the museums, by increasing the number of light is probably not enough, but also allow them to be used up, let the knowledge culture growth sprout here, let the spirit civilization here blossom. It is necessary for us to abandon the emphasis on buildings and artifacts of ideas, pay more attention to the content design, standard function makes the transmission of knowledge and culture, the spirit of communication can be fully utilized, so that the museum truly become people daily and feel the necessities of life. (commissioning editor: Dong Zilong, Lu Jing)相关的主题文章: