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The name of his wife 400 thousand deposit husband owed 380 thousand refused to repay Huzhou Deqing people Jiang Ming owed Deqing County a feed company 380 thousand yuan has not yet, also insisted that no money to pay. When the court found the name of Chiang Kai Shek’s wife has 400 thousand yuan deposit. The court was forced to deduct Jiang Ming wife in a bank deposit 380 thousand yuan, to fulfill the payment owed by Lu Qiang. Recently, Lu Qiang from the contractor in the hands of the judge to get a check of $380 thousand, so that after a lapse of 3 years of trade disputes finally dust landing. Deqing County Zhong Guan Jiang Ming town big pig from June 2012 to September 2014 many times to buy a Deqing feed companies feed. By the end of August 27, 2014, the two sides at the checkout Jiang Minsun owed $389200 at the time of feed, Jiang Ming to feed company issued an IOU, agreed the debt payment period and the liability for breach of contract, the payment deadline for half a month. Overdue monthly payment of 3% of the default payment. Under feed company Lu Qiang after dunning repeatedly to no avail, helpless, Lu Qiang sued to the court. The court held that the defendant in the purchase of feed is not timely payment of the loan is the fault of the case, according to the law should bear the corresponding civil liability. The court ruled that the defendant Jiang Ming to Deqing some feed company to pay the purchase price and overdue interest, a total of more than 40 yuan. The court ruling, Lu Qiang thought Jiang Ming to find the money back, but ignore Jiang ming. In order to achieve their legitimate rights and interests, Lu Qiang apply to the court for enforcement. Last September, the case into the implementation of the program, executives repeatedly found Jiang Ming, to persuade them to automatically fulfill their obligations, but its not clear, and not ready to perform. To this end, the court stepped up enforcement, according to the law of Jiang Ming 15 days of judicial detention decision. But Jiang Ming remained unmoved. Because the applicant is unable to provide the executor’s property clues, the implementation of the work into a deadlock. On the one hand, the executive staff of the court and public security, land, real estate, industrial and commercial bank, vehicle, etc. the implementation of the linkage unit to increase enforcement net array to squeeze its living space, use a point to perform the investigation and control platform for all-round, multi angle search the debtor’s whereabouts and property. Court enforcement officer believes that the person may be transferred Jiang Ming property transfer or in the name of others in the bank deposits, and decided to expand the scope of the property inventory. After further investigation, the court finally found that Jiang Ming’s wife in the bank deposits of 400 thousand yuan. According to the relevant laws and regulations, Jiang Ming’s income for the couple, the debt owed by the husband and wife together to repay. According to "Zhejiang Province Higher People’s Court on the implementation of effective legal instruments to determine the answer" to one of the spouses of related issues for the debtor to the provisions of the case: "the court actuator can be directly ruled seizure, seizure, freezing, or non constant marital property the debtor’s spouse’s estate, without additional ruling the other couple party is the executor." The judge immediately set aside the name of Jiang Ming’s wife 380 thousand yuan for the implementation of the case.相关的主题文章: