The old man was seriously injured in a car accident for 12 years and now wants to help her find her

The 12 year old woman who was seriously injured in a car accident and now wants to help her find her family until she gets a "moving Taizhou" nomination, Xiang Juxiang’s moving story is known to everyone around him. Previously, she has been in Taizhou, Xianju, an underground garage, taking care of two patients. Many neighbors even thought that the life can not take care of the woman, is Xiang Juxiang’s own daughter. In fact, this woman and Xiang Juxiang neither relative nor friend she was 12 years ago, in the hospital for care when the "pick up" back. Then, the woman in a car accident after the unattended items remain unconscious, but brought her home to take care of 12 years. The woman woke up, already do not remember the former things, saying only that he is from Heilongjiang, who is a teacher…… Just because of mental damage, can not tell whether she is true or false. "I’m getting older, and there’s a paralyzed husband to take care of. Hope someone can provide clues to help her find her family." 62 year old Xiang Juxiang said. When the nurse in the hospital she received an unwanted patient home Xiang Juxiang live in town Xianju County Zhu Zheng plus village, 2004, Xianju County People’s Hospital as a nurse. That girl is the second patient she takes care of after work. "When I took over, she was in a coma. The doctor told me that she had a car accident." The girl is very young, 30 years old, a man came to the hospital to see her, said her boyfriend, also paid for some medical expenses. "Listen to the man said, the girl called ‘Song Yuwei’, just do not know." Xiang Juxiang said. After a few times to the male, the doctor said that the possibility of a girlfriend woke up, and no longer appeared. Later, the hospital with the project to discuss, anyway, the patient is to take care of her, to stay in the hospital expenses, as well as the patient home. If you find her family, Xiang Juxiang will be compensated. Good-natured Xiang Juxiang think Song Yu Wei is very poor, and after a period of time also had some feelings, they accepted the proposal. Take care to create a miracle after the woman sober her as the mother of Xiang Juxiang is now the residence, is an underground garage, or the son of the boss kindly lend them a living. Garage more than and 20 square meters, put up a bed, a Song Yuwei sleep, a lying paralyzed husband for many years. Take Song Yuwei home, this is almost a doctor sentenced to "death" in the woman, Xiang Juxiang care, have created a miracle. Home after two years, has been lying in bed sleeping woman suddenly woke up. However, she seems to have suffered brain damage, the past can hardly remember. In order to make Song Yuwei a little faster, Xiang Juxiang taught himself to read books and television. Song Yuwei was afraid to tie broken, Xiang Juxiang began to experiment on himself, often take blackblue. Gradually, she was able to say something simple. Now, I can eat and do some simple things. However, she still said that she did not know her life, and her intelligence was not as good as that of normal people. Because there are two people who have lost their ability to take care of the family, Xiang Juxiang can not go to work. A little free, to pick up some of the scrap sold outside the subsidized home. 2009, Xianju County Bureau of civil affairs to know the situation, provides a monthly living allowance,"相关的主题文章: