The original Dalian Municipal Committee Jincheng bribery 22 million 210 thousand yuan jailed for 13

The original Dalian Municipal Committee Jincheng bribes 22 million 210 thousand yuan jailed for 13 years in Liaoning Province, the former Dalian Municipal Committee, Dalian Changxing Island economic and Technological Development Zone, former Secretary of the Party Working Committee, the CMC director of the Jincheng during his tenure, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others, accepting the property totaling RMB 22 million 210 thousand yuan. 27 reporters from the Benxi Municipal Intermediate People’s court was informed that the case has been closed, Jincheng guilty of accepting bribes and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment, fined 2 million yuan. He is 55 years old, master’s degree. Before the incident, in addition to the positions mentioned above, also serves as the Dalian West Island Petrochemical Industrial Park party working committee. In January 25, 2016, the people’s Procuratorate of Liaoning decided to arrest on suspicion of bribery, and the Benxi municipal procuratorate was appointed to examine and prosecute. The court found that a total of 37 pen bribery Jincheng, the time span from 1998 to 2015. One of the biggest bribes amounted to 5 million yuan. During the 2003, Jincheng served as the Xigang District of Dalian city mayor, Xie Moumou accepted the trust, by taking advantage of its own authority, position, through the Dalian City Commercial Bank Chairman Jiang Moumou job behavior, help loans do not meet the conditions of a Real Estate Company 200 million yuan loan. After accepting Xie Moumou given the benefits of 5 million yuan. For many years, Jincheng others received 16 million 895 thousand yuan in cash, $550 thousand yuan, calligraphy and painting, shopping cards and other property worth 1 million 455 thousand yuan. Money and property totaling RMB 22 million 210 thousand yuan. The court held that the defendant Jincheng as a national staff, for others to seek illegitimate interests, illegally accepting trustees property, a huge amount, have constituted the crime of accepting bribes. To this end, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of 13 years, and fined 2 million yuan, confiscation of its illegal income confiscated, turned over to the treasury. > > > more news Liaoning local heating at 10 tomorrow [get what? Did Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Ouyang Nana join hands to save the earth? Pay attention to "the Daliaohe net" WeChat (txdaliao), reply to the "trump card" understand and participate in activities, a chance to win the "trump card" ace funny movie tickets 2! The most funny comedy, this is to laugh at the rhythm of the National Day! ]

大连市委原常委金程受贿2221万元获刑13年辽宁省大连市委原常委、大连长兴岛经济技术开发区党工委原书记、管委会原主任金程在任职期间,利用职务上的便利为他人谋取利益,为此收受财物折合人民币共计2221万元。记者27日从本溪市中级人民法院获悉,此案已结案,金程犯受贿罪,一审判处有期徒刑13年,并处罚金200万元。金程今年55岁,硕士学历。案发前除担任上述职务,还兼任大连西中岛石化产业园区党工委书记。 2016年1月25日,其因涉嫌受贿罪被辽宁省人民检察院决定逮捕,本溪市检察院受指定审查起诉。法院经审理查明,金程受贿一共有37笔,时间跨度从1998年至2015年。其中最大的一笔受贿高达500万元。 2003年,金程担任大连市西岗区区长期间,接受了谢某某请托,利用其本人职权、地位形成的便利条件,通过大连市商业银行董事长姜某某的职务行为,帮助不符合贷款条件的一房地产公司贷款2亿元。后收受谢某某给予的好处费500万元。多年间,金程收受他人现金人民币1689.5万元,美元55万元,字画、购物卡等财物价值人民币145.5万元。款物共计折合人民币2221万元。法院认为,被告人金程身为国家工作人员,为他人谋取不正当利益,非法收受请托人财物,数额特别巨大,已构成受贿罪。为此,判处有期徒刑13年,并处罚金人民币200万元,对扣押的其违法所得予以没收,上缴国库。>>>更多新闻辽宁局地明日升温10℃ 【弄啥嘞?刘德华、黄晓明、王祖蓝、欧阳娜娜竟联手拯救地球?关注“大辽网”微信(txdaliao),回复“王牌”了解活动并参加,就有机会赢《王牌逗王牌》电影票2张!最搞笑的喜剧片,这是要笑霸国庆的节奏啊!】相关的主题文章: