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Fashion-Style It is often said, wedding dress is a woman’s life the most beautiful dress. Someone choose to wear a lot of this most beautiful in the winter clothes, how to balance temperature and grace, has be.e a required course for the winter bride. The wedding dress and shawl is a .bination of the most IN wedding this winter with. The bride with the most perfect wedding dress , so you charming and moving Retro trendy "This winter’s popular European style retro, some of the extravagant wedding is beginning to flourish." Wedding this year, the big international fashion designers will be defined as "luxury retro". It is focusing on the use of lace and French lace. Popular in Europe is a three-dimensional handmade lace, flat lace-dimensional lace up the monotony, so wedding look great texture. Simple and elegant Selling Well Design concept of local and international brands of luxury retro than exaggerated, it is beautifully .pact. Designers did not add any fabric decorations, simply lace outlined the contours of the wedding, and wedding veil with the same paragraph, disclosed in a simple and elegant charm. Such simple but slightly mind the most suitable cheap wedding dress petite figure with the Chinese bride, wore gentle, pleasant, bangs. Fur is the mainstream choice In winter temperature is relatively low, the current mainstream is fur cape and fake fur. Surrounded by a soft rabbit hair, fastened with shiny satin bow is full, there are naturally feminine. The bride with the most perfect wedding dress, so you charming and moving 1, wear clothing of different materials in different style Different materials to create visual, tactile different: Soft silk fabric, but also has pearl-like luster; Cotton mixed material scarf, to wear to the exceptionally close, .fortable; Shawl made of satin, a double fabric and texture, you can set off the dress was full of extravagance. 2, additional design and create dynamic Now available in dozens of styles shawl, in addition to .mon models, the part of the shawl is also designed to be curved, with narrow body design for the wedding dress. Hem with feathers, a flowing cape can feel; with tassels, a rhythm that allows shawl effect. 3, style, color coordinated with dress Choose the best style shawl and dress style to pay attention to coordination. If the dress style is more .plicated, it is coupled with elegant shawl; if the wedding simple and elegant shawl can be beautiful thing. 1, either rent or buy a wedding dress wedding one month in advance preparations are required. 2, choose the right style, be sure to make changes until the appropriate date bridal salon, with particular attention straps, zippers and other details, in order to avoid embarrassment at the wedding ceremony; 3, winter wedding ceremony, the bride can wear warm pants, put on warm-up stickers. Can warm pants, warm-up stickers, shawl can only play a buffer role is best to avoid the draft wel.e the bride, so cold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: