The police said the man was killed the suspect look flick murder false news –

The police said the man was killed the suspect look flick about "murder" – Sohu northeast news network February 22nd hearing according to the reader’s report on the 18 day 8 pm, police said a man, Lamadian La tall back killed. "Come on, kill someone here. The man died on the spot."." Man alarm said. Police immediately rushed to the scene to see, but did not find the alarm people said, the nearby residents also said that there had been no killings. Police then found the alarm man, the man said, just a group of people fighting here, someone was killed on the spot. When the police let them take to the scene of the crime, the man expressed fear, unwilling to go. Police found that men have strong alcohol gas, and speak incoherently. In order not to cause panic to the public, the police took it back to the branch interrogation. In the precinct, the man still insisted on being killed. Police contacted with their families learned that the man suffering from intermittent mental illness, and drank wine at home in the morning, did not expect to report false police. As for why killing people, family doubt is yesterday watching TV shootout film association. Subsequently, the family came to the branch to take the man away.

醉汉报警称有人被杀身亡 疑看枪战片谎报“血案”-搜狐新闻  东北网2月22日讯 据读者报料18日8时许,一男子报警称,喇嘛甸喇化高层后身有人被杀。   “你们快来吧,这边杀人了,那人当场就死了。”男子报警说。   民警立即赶往现场查看,但并未发现报警人所说的情况,附近居民也表示,没有发生过杀人事件。民警随后找到了报警的男子,男子说,刚才一伙人就在这里打架,有人被当场杀死。   当民警让其带往案发现场时,男子表示害怕,不愿意去。民警发现,男子身上有浓重的酒气,而且说话语无伦次。为了不给市民造成恐慌,民警将其带回分局讯问。   在分局,男子仍坚持有人被杀。民警与其家人联系得知,男子患有间歇性精神类疾病,而且早上在家喝了酒,没想到竟然报假警。至于为什么说杀人了,家人怀疑是昨天看电视演枪战片引发的联想。   随后,家人来到分局将男子带走。相关的主题文章: