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The pound flash crash behind: circle vibe hedge fund "Soros" short U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes & warrants flash crash behind: circle vibe hedge fund "Soros" short thought in England and Europe will be temporarily safe, who feed the pound against the dollar in early October 7th flash crash in Asia, decline was 6.1%, recorded the lowest since March 26, 1985, the terror degree can not help but think of the January 2015 Swiss Franc decoupling. Due to the flash crash pounds significantly exceeded the fundamentals, it also caused a great disturbance in the industry, even the British central bank spokesman said, will investigate the pound flash crash reason. Pound against the dollar in Beijing time on October 7th was plunged from 1.26 to 1.1819, then recovered to about 1.24. As for the reasons for flash collapse, there is still no exact statement, analysts believe that the potential transaction errors and European leaders’ remarks, may exacerbate concerns about the UK’s prospects for the removal of europe. This week, the pound fell by nearly 4.5%. British Prime Minister Teresa Mei said earlier that the United Kingdom will be immigration control as a priority, and then consider the EU single market access. First financial reporter interviewed the agency was informed that the various views on trigger flash collapse is different, some think it is bad economic fundamentals in the UK leads to currency devaluation; some think is the cause of the lack of amplification stop iterative flow; some analysis is to stop the program trading without tray, aggravated the decline; not of insiders believe that some hedge fund chiefs want to test a bottom line, as the year Soros short Sterling general. The main factors of British pound plunged off the European prospects for London and assets overseas market trading director Li Mengjie to the first financial reporter said, from a fundamental point of view (if there is a fundamental truth), is primarily concerned with the dollar and sterling’s own factors, the fed to raise interest rates in the market basically set the tone and the risk sentiment rebounded this basically laid the dollar rebound pattern, dovish officials hawkish tone also accelerated this process; in addition, the pound in Europe off after a good downward trend, although the middle economic data reduced the market worry mood, but recently Teresa Mei mentioned once again triggered the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth, politics the risk again led the pound. June 25th, the pound in the United Kingdom took off nearly 10% of the day off, since then, the pound has been severely under pressure. Especially after the recent Teresa Mei, published to support immigration controls speech investors worry that a British exit could damage the UK Trade and investment, may also affect the British position as an important financial centre, these concerns have exacerbated the downward pressure on the pound. "Because of the lack of skilled migrants, some Britons have been squeezed out of the labour market." Teresa Mei earlier this month during the period of the ruling conservative party conference announced that Britain will start in March next year before the end of the "Treaty of Lisbon" in fiftieth, officially opened the "Europe off" program. Teresa plum in an interview with the media mentioned 3相关的主题文章: