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The real estate market overheating fears a return limit renewed calls Sina Real Estate Company Bonds Fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! According to Bloomberg news, two years ago, China lifted the ban on real estate companies in the domestic financing bonds to help stimulate economic growth, inhibit the expansion of foreign debt. Now, there are calls for new restrictions on real estate companies to issue bonds, the standard & Poor’s said that the surge in leverage may lead the authorities to limit the issuance of Real Estate Company in the domestic market, to cool the overheated real estate market. CITIC Securities said that the government should strengthen the control of such financing behavior. Bloomberg data show that as of the end of June, 119 listed real estate company in the total size of the debt grew 30%, reaching a record high of 2 trillion and 800 billion yuan ($420 billion). They have 458 billion yuan in the domestic market bonds this year, more than 2015 full year of $443 billion. Standard & Poor’s analyst in Hongkong, Christopher Yip, said China’s real estate developers debt growth and they take a large scale synchronization. If they continue to use the easy access to cheap credit to buy land, push up house prices and let the market overheating, the government may limit the financing of developers to issue bonds." Politburo meeting held in July 26th, pledged to curb asset bubbles. Some of the big city has announced restrictions on speculative buying measures; if the Real Estate Company in the real estate and bonds suffered demand weakened, they may face the risk of problems. Real Estate Company needs regulatory approval to issue bank bonds. China interbank market dealers association issued a document on September 2nd, said it has strengthened the use of funds to raise funds for real estate companies. A press officer at the China Association of interbank market dealers declined to comment on the possibility of a policy of restraint. The reporter sent a fax to the China Securities Regulatory Commission for comment. CITIC Securities chief fixed income analyst, said the authorities should control the development of financing bonds to help cool the overheated market. In a residential plot to shoot high prices, Shanghai last month canceled the three plots strokes. "Now the most expensive land is crazy," Shanghai unionsun asset management bond fund manager Xu Hua said. Real estate companies rely more on the new or old, once the expiration of the time found no one, then the risk will accumulate." Real Estate Company’s profitability is deteriorating, Bloomberg data show that the first half of the gross profit margin has dropped to 25%, the lowest level since at least 2008. Nevertheless, Western Asset Management Co believes that the industry’s credit risk is still controllable". Western Asset Management Co outside of Japan Asia Investment Management Co head of Desmond Soon in Hongkong on Monday in a press conference that the credit index of the real estate industry is not Chinese cliff downwards, we avoid the highly leveraged developers become more selective in the field of real estate bonds." On the financing channels of real estate companies相关的主题文章: