The State Council and the Central Military Commission agreed to build a new civilian airport in Huna

The State Council and the Central Military Commission agreed to the new Hunan Xiangxi Civil Airport – Beijing, the State Council and the Central Military Commission on the approval of Xiangxi agreed to new Hunan country letter of civil airport 2016 No. 169 Hunan Provincial People’s Government: "you consult on Xiangxi civil airport project" (Hunan Zheng 2016 No. 16) has been received. Now approved as follows: first, agreed to build a new airport in Hunan, Xiangxi. The nature of the airport for domestic regional airport, located near the site of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Huayuan Huayuan County town of God village. Two, the construction scale of the project: flight zone grade index 4C, built a 2600 meter long runway; terminal area according to the design target to meet 2025 passenger throughput of 300 thousand passengers, cargo throughput of 450 tons, 3000 square meters of new terminal, Ping Station 4 seats; supporting the construction of communication, navigation, meteorology, oil supply fire, rescue and other auxiliary production facilities. Three, the total investment of about 1 billion 686 million yuan. In principle, by the national development and Reform Commission, the civil aviation authority and the Hunan province to jointly solve the specific funding arrangements in the feasibility study phase. Four, after the completion of the airport, the local management, the civil aviation authority to implement industry management. Other matters please deal with the parties concerned.                                                                                                                   the           nbsp;                                                                 &nb相关的主题文章: