The United States SpaceX explosion – technology – in Florida air force base test rocke-freelander2

The United States SpaceX explosion – technology – original title in the Florida air force base test rocket: the United States SpaceX company exploded in Houston. In September 1, NASA in Florida air force base test rocket (NASA) news, the U.S. private aerospace enterprise space exploration technology company SpaceX, on the morning of 1 in Florida Cape Canaveral Air Force base to test unmanned rocket when the explosion occurred, there is no report of casualties. The transmitting station adjacent to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, commonly used for SpaceX company to launch a falcon rocket. According to The Associated Press, SpaceX company had originally planned to use unmanned Rockets this weekend will be an Israeli communications satellite into space, but in 1, the launch of the test was carried out in advance of the explosion. The explosion time is at 9 in the morning just after the station a few miles building have felt, many explosions continued for a few minutes, the black smoke in the air. After 1.5 hours, the clouds still hung on the eastern horizon. CNN said SpaceX said no one was injured in the "unusual" explosion. At present, the cause of the explosion is not clear, the authorities did not immediately announce other details. NASA said the explosion occurred at the air force base 40 integrated launch facility, which has been leased by SpaceX, Kennedy Space Center emergency personnel are on standby. At the same time, employees are monitoring whether there are toxic fumes in the air. SpaceX is one of the two companies to provide the International Space Station cargo mission for NASA, and plans for the future manned mission. At the time of the explosion, two NASA astronauts were walking outside the international space station, and the ground control center did not immediately notify them of an explosion. SpaceX has been committed to the development of reusable rocket technology, thereby significantly reducing the cost of space flight. In June 2015 the Falcon 9 rocket exploded in the implementation of the International Space Station cargo resupply mission, the cause of the accident is the rocket in the fuel tank of a pressure lever problems. To compensate for this loss, the CEO Elon Musk? (Elon Musk) under the leadership of SpaceX has been a frequent rocket launch and recovery test. Since the beginning of 2014 to rocket autonomous recovery, SpaceX company in December 2015 for the first time to achieve land safely, autonomous recovery in April this year, the first successful rocket floating platform on the sea, completed a record feat. (end) (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章: