The woman was killed in the early morning from the 6 floor of a number of residents thought it was a

The woman was blown out from the 6 floor in the morning and killed a number of residents thought it was an earthquake. Original title: morning Bang woman from the 6 floor to fly out of the new culture news (reporter Xing Yang) 18 day at 6:40 in the morning, is located in that street and Park Road Changchun city at the intersection of a 6 storey residential building 6 floor of residents in a sudden violent the sound of the explosion, a woman was blown out of the window, was killed. Many residents believe that the earthquake is located in the vicinity of the incident, Mr. Wang lived in the vicinity of the incident, 6:30 or so, at the intersection of the intersection of universal street and Paradise Road, a traffic accident occurred. "I was watching the accident next, suddenly heard a bang bang behind him." Mr. Wang scared a head, looking back, the glass fragments flying from the 6 floor, the window also smoke out. "I thought it was an earthquake, scared and quickly picked up the child ran out, shards of glass crackling down, too scary." The first floor of a woman shudder to say. About 30 meters away from the incident near a grocery store owner said the explosion shock to his bedroom lamp are all shocked off. Many residents of homes damaged windows at 9 in the morning, the scene has been to see the fireworks, the cordon has not been lifted, the residents in the basic outdoor escape, the building in front of, can see 6 3 floor windows damaged, 5 building two, 4 floor, there is a place, the ground was covered with pieces of glass and plastic steel window. On the side of the road on, hanging by the towels and towel the blast blown from upstairs. Most of the residents are gathered in the back of the building body outside the cordon, inside also has a large number of pieces of glass and window frame. The explosion of the room is located in the 2 unit six floor, the window frame and the glass balcony completely explosion shock wave was broken, but the balcony next to damage is mainly caused by the fire caused by the explosion. "At that time, all black smoke, in particular, from far away." One resident said. After the scene of the explosion provided by the residents of the video, can clearly see the smoke from the window, accompanied by open flame. Woman was blown out from the 6 floor of the tragic death of a pool of dark red blood. "The woman fell down here and was blown out of the building." One resident said with regret. "My car is parked in the downstairs, I ran out to see the car clothes are all falling debris, the car smashed a lot of pit." The building tenants Ms. Qi said, "I see the downstairs has a group was kind of thing, I found that a woman, blood all over the face of the body, on the spot." "I was just about to open the window when I heard the explosion, and then a man fell off the window!" 2 units of a household said. Some residents said the woman was blown out of the building, who only wore pajamas and underwear, after the incident, residents will be covered with a quilt of her body. Multi sectoral joint rescue after receiving the alarm, fire officers and soldiers, police rushed to the scene the first time. Changchun city police fire brigade brigade Lvyuan crescent squadron officers and soldiers took about an hour to fire completely extinguished, no more affected households. After the incident, because the unit five, building six circuit was severely damaged, in order to.相关的主题文章: