The world’s largest ship lift ship lift trial navigation – Beijing

The world’s largest ship lift ship lift trial navigation – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Yichang, September 18 (reporter Wu Zhi, Tan Yuanbin, Liang Jianqiang) with the "Three Gorges 9 cruise ship, 18 PM through the Three Gorges ship lift from the upstream to downstream of the Three Gorges Project" complicated ", the world’s largest shiplifter — Three Gorges project to declare the trial navigation machine. The Three Gorges ship lift from the upstream approach channel, gate, ship chamber, channel under the gate first, downstream, ship size of 3000 tons, the maximum lifting height of 113 meters, lifting a total weight of 15 thousand and 500 tons. According to the introduction of China Three Gorges Corporation shiplift project department, as one of the Three Gorges permanent navigation facilities, the dam of Three Gorges ship lift is fast passenger wheel and special ships. Compared with the north and south through the Three Gorges two-way five step ship lock stairs takes three or four hours, the ship through the Three Gorges ship lift elevator complete Fanba, takes about 40 minutes to 1 hours. The Three Gorges shiplift began to study since the last century in 50s, experienced a long demonstration, selection and design process. Three Gorges project officially started in 1994. In 1995, the State Council decided on the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee of the Three Gorges Project ship lift installation. By the end of 2007, the Three Gorges ship lift project construction recovery. The Three Gorges ship lift with large lifting height, lifting weight, the rate of change of upstream navigation features of the large variation of water level and water level downstream quickly, is the world’s most complex, the largest ship lift. In the process of construction, the Three Gorges ship lift builders bold and innovative design concept, manufacturing technology, construction technology and management methods, has successfully solved a series of world-class technical problems, promote the application and development of the world ship lift technology, accumulated valuable experience for the construction of large vertical ship lift, but also improve the design of our country professional equipment manufacturing capacity. Yangtze River Three Gorges Navigation Authority official said, with the steady development of the country’s western development strategy, the Yangtze River golden waterway full play, the Three Gorges Dam growing demand. The Three Gorges ship lift operation will be assisted in Three Gorges Shiplock of Three Gorges project, can improve the flexibility and security of navigation navigation scheduling ability to a certain extent.相关的主题文章: