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These five simple settings allows you to maximize the effectiveness of iPhone 7 TNW Chinese station reported on September 19th if you got the iPhone7 7 Plus, for the first time after the boot according to the prompt carries on the settings, you might think, what to do next? We recommend that you enable more features to enhance the use of experience. There are different options in the settings menu, and you may not know which options are worth the effort. Now we will help you solve this problem, according to the following five steps to set up, you will be able to make your new iPhone to play the greatest function. First, show the battery percentage you might think the battery percentage is shown by default, but in fact it is not. We strongly recommend that you enable this feature. After all, the last thing you want to happen is that you mistakenly estimate the remaining power, out of the door, and then the phone is not powered off automatically. Settings: 1, back to the main menu page, click "Settings" icon. 2, in the settings page select "battery" tab to enter. 3, find the "battery percentage" option, switch to "On"". Two, for the Touch ID to add more fingerprints last year I got iPhone 6S, I only added to the Touch ID thumb of the right thumb, I firmly believe that I only use this finger to unlock the phone. However, a few days later, the situation came, I regret not add a few fingerprints. On one occasion, I use my right thumb to unlock the phone, but the phone slipped from my left hand. After this unpleasant experience, I decided to add a few more fingerprints – my left thumb and the index finger of both hands. Needless to say, this greatly improves my experience using Touch ID. Setting method: 1, enter "settings". 2, find and select "Touch ID and password". 3, enter the password to unlock the password. 4, click on the "add fingerprint", in accordance with the instructions to complete the operation step by step. Three, set up Apple Pay with Apple Pay, shopping will no longer have to bring a wallet. Even if you do not intend to use this feature, we still recommend that you set up to prepare for possible period of want or need. Setting method: 1, enter "settings". 2, click open wallet and Apple Pay". 3, click on add credit card or debit card 4, according to the instructions on the screen to enter the card number information, verify the identity. Four, change the name of the phone you may think it is not necessary, but we are sure to give your iPhone a distinctive name in some cases is very good. If you have several iOS devices, this allows you to use the AirDrop, AirPlay and Find my iPhone and other functions to accurately locate the device. Setting method: 1, click "settings". 2, select "universal". 3, and then choose "about". 4, click on the "name", enter a new name. Five, open the magnifying glass you know? If you are using the iOS 10 system, your iPhone can also be used as a digital magnifier. With this tool, you can put the graph相关的主题文章: