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Tibet post fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level — people.com.cn Tibet channel — people.com.cn original title: Tibet post fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level in October 12th, more than 4900 meters above sea level in Tibet Takexun post four sergeant Wang Yuanjun’s wife Liu Tingting to visit the troops, luggage bag no longer has to let the soldiers to "taste" fruits vegetables, but to eat the rich dishes at the table. This change benefits from unremitting efforts to solve the problem of fresh vegetables in the plateau troops at all levels. Over the years, the Tibet military region in support of the leading bodies at all levels, continue to explore the plateau army agricultural production, efforts to solve the problem of eating soldiers. At the altitude of more than 4500 meters, the frozen ground of Naqu district is 2 meters thick. The face can not be improved in plateau permafrost, they use artificial soil replacement method, reconstruction of local natural environment, 3 years more than 6000 cubic meters of soil replacement, construction of greenhouse 23. Frontline company and post arable land, they promote the introduction of the aerosol cultivation, seedling cultivation, matrix cultivation, networking control, more than 20 new technologies, innovation and construction of "base + Forces" network development model, has built a new agricultural technology experimental training base more than 170 acres, the introduction of Tibet, white pepper and other 60 kinds of space excellent livestock, vegetables to provide troops to the plateau. The reporter saw at an altitude of over 4500 meters from the tin soldiers Nathula outpost, and old washbasin made "mini" vegetable harvest from the kinds of seasonal vegetables. After years of efforts, the Tibet military region to take agricultural and sideline production self-sufficiency and social security combination to solve force bite hard, now even in severe winter, the snow capped mountains and checkpoints can also eat fresh vegetables. October 12th to 13, more than 120 representatives from the national authorities and the Tibet Autonomous Region Government and the armed forces in Lhasa to take part in the high altitude "food basket" project and talent recruitment results to observe the scene, witnessed a new step in the Tibet military region to improve soldiers Chicai difficult to achieve. ("jiefangjun Bao" in October 14, 2016 03 Edition) (commissioning editor Wu Yuren and Yu Haizhou)

西藏海拔4900多米哨所蔬菜常鲜–人民网西藏频道–人民网 原标题:西藏海拔4900多米哨所蔬菜常鲜   10月12日,海拔4900多米的西藏塔克逊哨所四级军士长汪元均的妻子刘婷婷到部队探亲,行李包里不再像过去那样自带让战士们“尝鲜”的瓜果蔬菜,而是在哨所餐桌上吃到了丰富的菜品。这一变化,得益于各级下大力解决驻高原部队官兵吃新鲜蔬菜难题的不懈努力。   多年来,西藏军区在各级领导机关的大力支持下,不断探索高原部队农副业生产之路,着力解决官兵吃菜难题。海拔4500多米的那曲军分区驻地冻土层有2米多厚,种瓜不结果,种菜不长秧。面对无法以技术改良的高原冻土层,他们用人工换填土质的方式,改造局部自然环境,3年换填土质6000余立方米、修建温室23栋。边防一线连队和哨所耕地少,他们引进推广了气雾栽培、基质栽培、芽苗栽培、物联网管控等20多项新技术,创新构建“基地+部队”网状发展模式,先后建成170多亩的农业新技术实验培训基地,引进藏白猪、太空椒等60余种适应高原的优良牲畜、蔬菜提供给部队。记者在海拔4500多米的乃堆拉哨所看到,官兵用罐头盒、旧脸盆做成“迷你”菜地,收获自种的时令蔬菜。   经过多年努力,西藏军区采取农副业生产自给和社会化保障相结合的方式解决部队吃菜难,如今即使在寒冬腊月,雪山哨卡官兵也能吃上新鲜蔬菜。10月12日至13日,来自国家机关和西藏自治区政府以及军队的120多名代表齐聚拉萨,参加驻高原部队“菜篮子”工程建设暨引智成果现场观摩活动,共同见证了西藏军区改善官兵吃菜难取得的新进步。   (《解放军报》2016年10月14日 03版) (责编:吴雨仁、余海洲)相关的主题文章: