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Tim Burton film pouncer, even the goddess Eva and Green can’t save wow! In the Tim Burton film · Miss Pei in Eva · Green Phoenix Entertainment news about Tim · Burton, fan mind will pop out a variety of adjectives, such as funny, such as Gothic, such as strange interest etc.. Representative of the "zombie bride" on the Gothic this is because he is best at the theme, focused on the fantasy type. In particular, if there is a parallel with the real world, or blend of strange world, in the lens of Burton, always exudes a strange and tender hybrid charm. Not for the world by Edward Scissorhands inside his new "gentle fantasy Castle" Miss Pei recently in the North American film, produced Fuchs originally intended to synchronize the introduction of the mainland, but according to the latest small explosion heard hearsay, film has been shot, you can directly support…… Sorrow sang…… In the mainland can not confirm the release of the "Pelosi Miss fantasy Castle" ride the North American release enthusiasm, a small explosion (micro signal: movie-bigbang) the famous film critic living in North America tea Tim meals to chat with the "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" invited: "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" in the original the story is in an odd way in real world, a thriller power strange child, brain hole wide open without losing the villain thriller set, the adventure test can more enlightened family, friendship and love…… Has the strange super ability in children no matter how you look, as though Tim · Burton tailor, he does not do the director was justified. However, as Ridley · Scott’s "gods" and Pharaoh, the teacher Burton directed this good theme, can not only play new tricks, also melancholy no heart beat feeling. The same is fantasy, from text to image the world world, still need to make the appropriate adjustments, the relevant characteristics of the medium and the latter is more intuitive: "we" seeing is believing "cognitive habits of fantasy, the existence of logic, text alignment construction have higher requirements. "Miss Pei fantasy Castle" adapted from the novel "strange house girl" that is to say, in the picture of the world, need to cross a "plausible" barrier after the close, the audience can accept the rest of the fantasy setting, and peace of mind immersed in the plot arrangement to pass, then; in the process of viewing time, always and film have a sense of distance. The story takes place in this strange house, Miss Pei’s fantasy castle gave me the feeling that the world has always been unable to really integrate into the film. As one of the core set of the story of the local time cycle, obviously can not be seen in a scientific way. The setting of the local time cycle is more important to the film, and the significance of this setting to the relationship between the plot and the characters. Perhaps the original author and film director, that can not explain the logic of interaction between the time cycle of the small world and the real world, so they do not mention. If the plot is a small world will not come back, that is no problem. But like the current reality and fantasy world, there are frequent exchanges between the situation, not the exchange machine.相关的主题文章: