To let the children eat maternal appetite of the authentic Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings – Sohu at home

You can eat at home to let the children open the appetite of the authentic Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings – Sohu maternal seedling mother nagging: the tragic history of double 11 double 11 today, how we are fighting? I have no less fun; but my biggest experience is to which Tucao full 199-10 yuan, full 299-20 yuan… This coupon, I felt I was fooled ~ want to save more, the result is lost watermelon, sesame also did not pick up, ooo ~ I think cross store enough this number. It is found that some 199-10, some 299-10, are not the same, when I was up dizzy, some have no goods robbed, I would have bought early alone ~ this year a lot of things, no time to do too much homework after ~ no time to do my homework less waste of energy in buy buy buy. Because, I found a lot of things than the price I bought also a lot of expensive ~ but also grab some booty, such as Miao Miao’s a table, two pairs of shoes (3 minutes before the payment price is better), more difficult to grab the Zara clothes also grab a ~ there All the mixed home, but now look, do not have their own, but also do not want to go, the end of this article, out of the sun, the Nanjing sun is particularly good today, I can not live up to it, ha ha ~ Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings is one of the staple favorite breakfast in our family, especially big brother one can eat, twenty, kids eat seven or eight no problem (in fact, every time I need to have enough to eat two fried pot, ha ha ~ Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings) and dumpling, a bit like open dumplings, and so it is more convenient, fried breakfast every Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings, they will say: Mom, too sweet, really good to eat Oh ~ ~ 1, prepare stuffing: vegetables, pork, letinous edodes, black fungus, and a small amount of onion ginger and an egg. Pork, vegetables, edible fungus, mushroom pieces of broken pieces, onion ginger are chopped, into an egg, stirring evenly; adding salt, soy sauce, vegetable oil and stir evenly (vegetables chopped to squeeze out some water, fungus mushroom boiled water out of the water in advance) 2, making dough dumpling skin the dumplings will no longer describe ~ ~ (ordinary medium gluten flour) by adding appropriate amount of water stir into the floc, fully knead until smooth dough pieces are made, and skin rolling, start package, if you want to be lazy, directly to buy dumplings can also, but the feeling of intermediate roll their own skin is better than outside buy more fragrant and better eating ~ ~ take appropriate filling on the dumplings, dumplings to pinch, both sides need to stay in Oh ~ ~ 3, put a little oil pan, will be wrapped in yards in the pot Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings; 4, small fry to the bottom of Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings slightly yellow, the bottom Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings setting; 5, add a little water, water around before Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings 1/3; 6, simmer a little pot of water to second basic dry, add a little water, and then stamped with a small fire stew dry water; 7, with chopsticks a Pan-Fried Meat Dumplings, look at the bottom of figure as a slight yellow can, if not add a little water to be fried. 8, the pot before sprinkle with chopped onions and black sesame dish!相关的主题文章: