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Typhoon and cold air influence Taizhou will officially fall yesterday morning, a rainstorm near the Yellow Sea road in Taizhou District of Jiaojiang water seriously, open sea model". There is no good feeling in the National Day holiday, wine and dine in sleep, the last this year so much for the holiday…… Do you think you haven’t had enough? After the first day of the national day to go to work, the typhoon and cold air came to anger brush sense. Hold long tail typhoon brush presence before the National Day holiday paid off, out of a typhoon "Chaba", had been holding long tail, typhoon and anger brush sense of presence. 8 in the morning on the 6 day of this year, the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" (tropical storm level) generated in the Bashi Channel on the sea. The Central Meteorological Observatory predicted "Aere" will be the first to the speed of 15 kilometers per hour to move west, yesterday after the moving speed slowed down, and in 7 days to 9 days wandering less in the northern South China Sea sea, strength slowly strengthened, the strongest typhoon level up, 10 days later gradually to the east of Hainan Island to the west of Guangdong near the coast, is also likely to weaken in the northern South China sea. Because affected by the cold air, "Aere" future path and intensity changes are there is a big uncertainty. My city meteorological station staff analysis said: "the core of the overall Typhoon AERE in Southern China, but the largest rainfall may in East china." "China science account weather enthusiasts also said:" micro-blog typhoon "Aere" moves a lot, it has been associated with the monsoon trough, the east side of the cloud is its "Tuo delivery package", the next few days will be sent to Taiwan, bringing with strong precipitation, then dumped to Zhejiang Fujian, forming trough with the cold air, will leave more rain in East china. At present, in the end to the development of Typhoon AERE to what extent, what will be where the landing is still unknown, but there is one point: the East is determined to start the rain. Taizhou will officially fall by the cold air and the coastal trough, 6 coastal city of Wenling, at night I Luqiao, Jiaojiang, the East has appeared to heavy rain, local heavy rain. Taizhou city meteorological station yesterday to 06 35 issued a blue rainstorm warning, the area during the day yesterday appeared to moderate rain, local heavy rain, other areas showers, locally moderate. According to the city meteorological observatory predicted that the next seven days, rain days and rainfall more than normal, normal temperature, 9 days of cold air southward, the city is expected to fall. Specifically, 8 to 9, affected by the cold and warm air, there was an obvious precipitation, cooling and coastal winds; of which 8 have moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain, 8 at night to 9 days off the coast of 8 to 10 northerly winds; 10 to 12 days of fine weather. The next seven days, the maximum temperature of 25 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature in the northern region of 14 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees Celsius, other regions of 17 degrees celsius. In fact the future an invigorating autumn climate and pleasant temperatures, Taizhou in October, the southern warm air force has deteriorated, frequent cold air southward is normal, but the strong cold air is very few, the temperature in Taizhou fell to a comfortable level, the monthly mean temperature of 18.3 degrees, be neither hot nor cold, very pleasant. This month, the probability of rain scraper are few, the more time you feel is an invigorating autumn climate..相关的主题文章: