UK study application process Raiders zngay

The whole process of studying the application process in the UK is now very common to choose to study in the United Kingdom, more and more students to the school system is short time to study in the uk. For students who want to study in the UK, as long as the preparatory work done well, you will find it difficult to study abroad. First, the intention of studying abroad during the preparatory period in June of the previous year to settle down. If you want to study abroad in September 2018, then in order to prepare enough time, the success rate is high. In June 2017 to determine their intention to study abroad. Choose school major: their DIY students in the online search as much as possible school information, professional information, all aspects of evaluation, according to their own conditions or undergraduate professional restrictions, choose the right school. Report to study intermediary people do not worry so much, only their basic conditions and demands reported to the intermediary of the teacher, the teacher will be your chosen schools, then communicate with the teachers, finally determine the final hope for several. It is worth noting that the students choose professional schools in addition to fame, should also be on the school website to look at the curriculum and lecturer, if you are not interested in this course, your student life is likely very frustrated. The United Kingdom to apply for the study in addition to IELTS, there is no test, so if students choose their own schools according to their own conditions, the success rate is still high. Material preparation: letter of recommendation: a letter of recommendation is best written by an associate professor. The headmaster of the school dean can be, the higher the level. It is better to have two seals. Remember to be translated into English, the official sent to the school to increase the general. Personal statement: This is the main personal situation, and express their desire to study in this school. The truth can be checked out, the consequences will be grievous, resort to deceit. Also want to translate into english. Certificate: English translation of various awards, as well as the highest education certificate. Students are required to read in the proof of reading and its English version. Transcript: to go to school to open transcripts, and its English version. This is an important basis for the calculation of GPA, also do not resort to deceit. Two, submit an application to submit an application: the application of the previous year in August and September, the beginning of the year, continued until second years in April and May or even in June and July, during which can apply. But for the sake of insurance, as far as possible in the previous year, all the applications are sent out, then wait for the results can be. Each school response to the application time is not the same, some one month to reply, and some to three months to six months. Always check the mailbox. Offer must read carefully after coming. General schools are given the conditional Offer, that you can come to this school, but must be within the prescribed period of time to meet all the conditions on their conditional Offer. These conditions generally include IELTS score, GPA score. IELTS: IELTS can be sent after the application to go to the test brush points, as long as the specified time to achieve their results on the condition of Offer. Note that many of the Offer also require IELTS subjects of small points, but also to achieve it. ;相关的主题文章: