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Us fifth aspect: the small German Russian war veteran Gobel vs17 year-old Djokovic played sina sports news Beijing time on September 2nd, 2016 at a grand slam, the U.S. Open tennis tournament announced the fifth day schedule. Djokovic and Nadal will attack the men’s singles 16, their opponents are Russian players. The women’s singles, Gobel, Caroline Wozniacki, Covey Tova, et al. Keith will play the second game. Zhang Shuai will join Stosur in the second round of women’s doubles, women’s doubles champion Olympic Challenge Maarova Weiss Nina, Zheng Saisai also played Xu fan. The following is a detailed aspect: the last round of Arthur Ashe stadium, the first vs nikulaisiku matinee Caroline Wozniacki Caroline Wozniacki beat the world’s top ten Kuznetsova, showing a strong momentum of recovery, nikulaisiku on a bloodbath bogdan. Caroline Wozniacki and nikulaisiku had had six meetings, the Danish girl six matches without losing a set, at least psychologically overwhelming ward. From the game point of view, nikulaisiku defensive play does not pose any threat to the world, he scored a US top 16 is expected to follow up a victory with hot pursuit. The US has always been Caroline Wozniacki state of recovery from the table to sign a treasure, the situation, the Danish girl has a bright prospect. Second [8] Keith vs Osaka Naomi Keith a round win over dey, Osaka Naomi defeated Duan Yingying. Less than 19 year old Japanese girl in this year’s Grand Slam record, but she never broke the third round. And this time the face of the 8 seed Keith, Osaka Naomi chance to win the same slim, as the new hope of the United States, case winning voice is not low, she scored in the first three grand slam in the past week, a total of second weeks. The winner between the two may be against Caroline Wozniacki. Third [1] Djokovic vs Djokovic Youzhny round his wrist and win, get more rest time, but the first two rounds of elimination of the No. 28 seed Kriza and pella. Djokovic and Misha had played 9 times, Germany 6 wins and 3 losses, the last four games unbeaten, but the last meeting dates back to 2014 in Dubai station. Before the top ten in the world but has been 34 years old, but on the strength. However, currently ranked 61 in the world over the world first Russians want have considerable difficulty, as long as the small German vigilant opponents will have no chance to speak. Night of first [4] Nadal VS Kuznetsov Nadal on round three sets swept ceppi, Spanish King forehand state rebound helped Russia rookie Kuznetsov before the two win over Bellucci and No. 31 seed Ramos. A total of two people had three encounters, Nadal unbeaten, this year in Madrid last year and Roland Garros, Nadal is over; but in this year’s Doha open 14 finals, Nadal three set victory over Kuznetsov. Now the world’s 47 place in Russia on the hard and fast strength, but from the first two rounds of Nadal state, the clearance is not a problem. Second field [2)相关的主题文章: