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Volkswagen imported cars: contrarian expansion accounted for 5% of market share – Sohu in September 2nd the opening of the 2016 Chengdu auto show, Volkswagen imported new generation Tiguan debut in the Chinese market, is expected this year listed, for the mass import car lineup again to add new strength. At the same time, the import of public distribution network in China is also expanding. However, since last year, the domestic car market situation is not optimistic. At the end of June this year, the domestic sales of imported cars have been down for 18 months. China import auto market database released data show that in 2015, China’s automobile imports 1 million 67 thousand and 300, down 25%; the first half of this year, 479 thousand vehicles imported cars, imported cars fell 8.36%, total sales of 421 thousand vehicles, down 9.35%. Senior manager of automobile marketing department Wang Cunxiang "daily economic news" reporter said, this year, imported car market is still in decline, but the decline was narrowed, "is expected to decline in the number, volume remained at around 1 million vehicles". Wang Cun believes that the imported car market affected domestic models is very large, this year, domestic models less than last year, but "the localization has been a big trend, the future if more influence on domestic investment of imported cars, imported car market is likely to increase, this market is difficult to achieve rapid growth, the scale is in go down." In this case, the public imports remain optimistic. Although the company did not disclose specific figures, but Wang Cunxiang, the daily economic news reporter revealed that the performance of the imported public in the overall market is still pretty good, sales fell to single digits". VW general manager Shi Rui de told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the public is expected to China imported car market size is 1 million units, in the import car market as a whole, public import car market share of 5%. This year, Volkswagen imported cars market share has increased over last year, so we hope to further enhance market share through more measures". In addition to the introduction of new cars, strengthen sales network layout is one of the measures to maintain growth. Shi Ruide to the daily economic news reporter, said, from the perspective of mass imports of cars, we have been hoping to maintain steady growth in the Chinese market. Up to now, we have 160 sales outlets in the country." In Chengdu, where the western market, for example, at present, Volkswagen imported cars in the western market a total of 30 sales outlets, which in Chengdu has a sales network of 4. According to its 2016 annual new dealer recruitment announcement, this year, Volkswagen (China) Sales Co., Ltd. Volkswagen brand also plans to recruit 13 dealers in the country’s 11 cities. In addition to providing convenient services, new product, improve the residual value of used cars have been imported into account in public. Shi Ruide said, in order to ensure the vehicle has higher value in the second-hand car trading, Volkswagen will launch vehicle maintenance and repair plan, "the residual value of the vehicle will carry out routine services than did the high rate of about 10%". Shi Ruide also watch相关的主题文章: