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Marketing The Wallet Mailer is a really interesting new attention-getting direct mail tool available Excellent for small business use, it is the size of a man’s folding wallet that has pockets for imprints and accepts inserts similar to credit cards, business cards and money just like a real wallet. When loaded with four sheets the size of a dollar bill, or a single 8.5 x 11 sheet with a coupon, mailing requires only a single first-class stamp. The Wallet Mailer is the size of a postcard when folded and ready to mail. The wallet mailer lends itself to marketing pitches and direct mail ideas which involve concepts like saving money or a tag line like "keep more of your green, just .e in and be seen." It is a little bit more interesting for the recipient to open than another number 9 envelope. It could also serve as a hand-out item at trade shows, conventions. Direct mail ideas using the wallet-mailer include: sending five or ten business cards to existing, satisfied, customers. They could be encouraged to re.mend the small business to their business contacts passing on the spare business cards when they do so. This type of mailing could also include a discount coupon for each new customer referred. Contests and giveaways are other direct mail ideas. For example, a customer might ‘return’ a wallet to a salesman for a certain reward, a chance to buy a product at a larger than normal discount. A contest could involve matching a 7-12 digit number that would appear as the driver’s license number inside the wallet. Another idea is to give a genuine leather wallet to the first thirty people who return their Wallet Mailer to the bank that sent it out. Along with the leather wallet a savings bond will be given to the first ten people who opened an account with the bank. You have another option in which you may load them up with coupons and offers from many different businesses. You can drop the wallet mailers in places where actual wallets may be lost to entice the people who may find them to visit one of the businesses sponsored. You may consider a shopping mall with outlying businesses while are owned by single property management .pany. In that case, the Mall can drop wallet mailers loaded with coupons from the outlying stores in its halls. However, the outlying stores may drop mailers with coupons from stores in the Mall. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: