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Motorcycles Recognizing Harley starter problem is a task and if you achieve success towards it then it can be.e easy to .e to the final conclusion related to replacement of starter. Harley starter problems can be many but it is very much important to analyze problem aptly in order to gain correct solution. Motorcycle of Harley Davidson basically works on electromagnetic solenoid which brings out result of activation of engine starter. In case if there is any problem in solenoid means it states that pinion gear has .e to the rest position. In such case you need to remove solenoid and get it tested. During initial period if you .e across any starter problem then you need to scrutinize its .plete electrical system in order to avoid future circumstances. Troubleshooting may take some time, but if you follow proper scrutinizing procedure then you can easily make out the starter problem, if any. In case of severe condition you can think of starter replacement procedure also. Following are some of the ways by which you can check out Harley starter problems or solenoid problem: Check out wiring problem Harley starter can be found in engine towards right side of cylinder and first you need to scrutinize it visually. There are high chances of finding loose or damage wire which affects the performance of vehicle. Make use of wrench to tight the loose nuts, if any. Also look for repairing of broken wire. Check out battery voltage For further scrutinizing you need to switch off ignition switch and remove the seat bolt with the help of screw driver. For reading of voltmeter you can make use of meter selector knob. This is done in order to check out if there is need of charging in case of low battery voltage. You can check it out by placing red probe towards positive terminal and black probe towards negative terminal. Check out starter button Towards starter solenoid you can shift red probe at power input terminal and then you can bring vehicle to the neutral position by turning on ignition switch. Try to push starter button for two seconds by flipping over stop switch which is placed near right handle bar. When you push starter it should bring out some noise and in this process you can check out reading on voltmeter. Stop the engine and bring it back to run position to make out whether it is working properly or not. In case if you cannot make out sound while pushing starter means your vehicle has some of the Harley starter problems. Look at the reading and if reading is not proper means there is some problem in starter button. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: