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Wenger: China capital will bring the crisis of European giants need unity [] like Arsenal 2-1 lore saints iron gate barb Cazorla winning Wenger that overseas investment to European football has become dangerous sports news September 11th (the Tencent MATTIAS KAREN, author of ESPN) Wenger appealed to the England club not "anti" Champions League; in addition to Arsenal (data) the coach has clearly pointed out that the growing number of overseas investors to become a football club’s controlling shareholder, this will allow the European occupation football become very dangerous". In Europe England occupation football club is undoubtedly the most wealthy, the fact that many other countries are care-laden insiders, the Spanish alliance person in charge Harvey (data), the special gas is one of them, this gentleman had made it clear that Europe’s top club should launch a new event to meet as equals with the Champions league. Since 2013, he has served the Spanish League special gas head positions. Spain local time this Friday, the special gas to accept the British "Financial Times" reporter’s interview, he expressed his support for China tycoon Wang Jianlin. Before the news, Wang Jianlin and under the command of Dalian Wanda Group, is planning a Champions League and sometimes Titans event, special gas clearly pointed out that in a new tournament that can help top European clubs will get more television rights income, but before the UEFA has never really done it a little. On this issue, the media reporter asked Arsene Wenger, the professor makes clear that Europe’s top club must Our wills unite like a fortress. together, this point is very important. Wenger said: "boxing has 5 leagues, so there are 5 different events, football must not go that step, I absolutely do not want to see that day. Because of that, people will never be able to figure out which team is the real world champion." "European football clubs must be united and we have to play under the same rules, which is very important. All in all, we have to face all the problems together." In recent years, more and Chinese capital influence on European football more, those who get Chinese capital to support the team, always out of a huge transfer fee in the transfer market; and China tycoons, is very eager to buy stake in Europe’s top club. Wenger made it clear that too much foreign capital holding football club, which will bring real danger to Europe, because so many clubs will have to follow the overseas holding shareholders intend to in the domestic league and European competition. Wenger said: "more and more overseas capital began to seek control of the Premier League team, which is of course very dangerous. For example, if one day, the Premier League 20 teams, 10 teams is the controlling shareholder of South America Chinese consortium or wealthy, they might ask: "we re launched a league, also must be arranged in some matches we where the continents’. Of course)相关的主题文章: