WGC China’s demand for gold investment is strong at the beginning of the year, but the price of gold ca1805

WGC: Chinese early gold investment demand remained strong but prices keep rising FX168 News World Gold Association (WGC) Chinese director Roland Wang on Thursday (February 18th) said in an interview, China investors in 2016 to open the investment demand for gold jewelry demand is very strong, more than. However, if the momentum is to continue, the price of gold must keep rising. Spot gold has risen by 14% this year and is the best performing asset, but by 2015 it has fallen for three years. Last week, the global stock market turmoil triggered security buying, pushing the price of gold to reach a year high. The World Gold Council said that Chinese investors had very strong demand for gold bars and other investment products during the Spring Festival holidays last week. China is the world’s largest consumer of gold. However, because gold is a popular gift, the buying demand is usually very strong during the holiday period, but the buying demand tends to slow down later. Roland Wang pointed out, "we see that the investment in the past half month is going to be very strong. The rise in gold needs to stay for some time, which will determine investors’ further purchases. Chinese people often need to be sure that gold will continue to rise before buying." World Gold Council data show that in 2015, Chinese investors to buy gold bars and gold coins increased by 1/5 to 201 tons, because the stock market fell and the devaluation of the RMB to promote investors to buy gold hedge. But demand is still far below the record 407 tons in 2013. In China’s total consumption, investment demand only accounts for about 20%, the vast majority of jewelry consumption. Jewelry demand decreased by 1% in 2015 to 783.5 tons. Proofing: Mac goes into Sina Finance shares

WGC:中国年初黄金投资需求强劲 但维持须金价保持上涨   FX168讯 世界黄金协会(WGC)中国董事总经理Roland Wang周四(2月18日)在接受采访时称,中国投资者2016年开年对黄金的投资需求非常强劲,超过珠宝需求。不过,这股势头若想要持续下去,金价必须保持上涨。   今年以来现货黄金累计上涨14%,是表现最好的资产,但截止2015年则是连跌三年。上周全球股市动荡引发避险买盘,推动金价触及一年高点。   世界黄金协会表示,上周春节假期期间,中国投资者对金条等投资产品的需求非常强劲。中国是全球最大的黄金消费国。   不过,由于黄金是一种颇受欢迎的礼品,假期期间的买需通常都很强劲,但之后的买需往往放缓。   Roland Wang指出,“我们看到过去一个半月的投资买需非常强劲。金价上涨需要保持一段时间,这将决定投资者的进一步购买。中国人往往会需要确信金价会继续上涨时才会购买。”   世界黄金协会数据显示,2015年中国投资者对金条和金币的买需增长了五分之一,达到201吨,因为股市下跌和人民币贬值促使投资者买入黄金避险。但需求仍远低于2013年创纪录的407吨。   在中国的总消费中,投资需求只占大约20%,绝大多数为珠宝消费。2015年珠宝需求降低1%,为783.5吨。   校对:Mac 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: