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When the man stripped naked face daughter wife parade in Chizhou migrant workers not fit to be seen the man suspected his wife was having an affair, quietly returned to his wife to rent in front of the children, elders, forced his wife off clothes burned, pulled into the street parade. Recently, the Shitai County Court ruled that the man guilty of insulting Lee Moumou sentenced to six months a year. People Yaolian tree bark, man face when her daughter did not have stripped his wife through the streets, those cheap onlookers passers-by? Let the wife make a fool of yourself in front of people? Have considered the daughter’s feelings? Recently, Shitai County discovered the man face when her daughter wife indecent act stripped through the streets, attracted passers-by crowd, is said to have angered her husband because his wife derailment caused by exposure to let his wife stay naked on the street, it really good? So, don’t wash your dirty linen, in order to punish his wife infidelity when her daughter face man stripped wife pulls the clothes and paraded through the streets, his wife burned all the time, let the wife can not find the clothes and modesty, dragged her into the street and paraded through the streets, just to make yourself feel good to vent anger, but this is a direct insult the wife’s personality and dignity, is really poor people must be hateful! The court found that in April 7, 2016, the defendant Moumou without informing his wife Wang Xue (a pseudonym) under the condition that the return to Shitai county from the service site in Shanghai, the night his wife squatting in the rental housing outside. In late April 9th 9 pm, Lee listened outside the door to chat with a specific telephone wife, suspected his wife was having an affair with others, after he flung open the door into the bedroom with a stick, and beat his wife, with a kitchen knife to cut off her pants, and forced his wife off clothes and threw it into the fire outside the house burnt. During the trial, Wang Xue tried to find a cover when the body was stopped Moumou, the defendant’s parents and daughter throughout the process of watching the process. Then Lee pulled Wang Xue stay naked in the street dragged about 200 meters, caused the crowd of onlookers. The court found that the victim Wang Xue expressed that night to give her husband a "cuckold" speech, and with a kitchen knife chopped Moumou, causing slight injury. Wang Xue’s words and deeds that the victim is directly responsible for the intensification of contradictions, should be punished more leniently moumou. It is understood that Lee has been in custody during the divorce petition.相关的主题文章: