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UnCategorized PAT testing is the procedure in which portable appliances are tested for safety and proper maintenance. Whilst PAT testing is not necessarily a requirement by law, it is still highly advised that those who own businesses or rent out to tenants take advantage of the reassurance that PAT testing gives you and your employees or tenants. Many people seem to overlook the importance of PAT testing and this is especially applicable to those who own small businesses. Quite obviously, electrical testing does cost money therefore some people feel that cutting corners will save them a few pounds yet in the long-run the consequences can be quite tragic. Simple and small appliances such as kettles, microwaves and toasters do actually pose quite a danger if they are not maintained properly. Improperly installed wall plugs and sockets are also another danger which can spark an electrical fire and endanger the lives of people within that particular area. It is therefore advisable that if you are seeking peace of mind or simply need advice on the current condition of your electrical appliances then you should hire a PAT tester. PAT testers are professional individuals who are certified to test the conditions and operations of electrical appliances, be this in a large workplace or even within one’s home. Aside from the dangers that improperly maintained appliances pose to people, there are also insurance liability issues in which people should not ignore. For example, the insurance on any given property is based on the idea that the property is deemed to be safe and is in no respect a liability for a potential buyer. If this respective property does experience a fire due to a poorly maintained electrical appliance, when the owner of the building comes to claim insurance, he or she might be unpleasantly surprised to find that the insurance claim is fiercely challenged. In the short term it may indeed be cheaper to save a few pounds on the hiring of a PAT testing company but when you consider the long-term consequences of a fire due to electrical appliances and the insurance liabilities in which you can possibly face, the hiring of a qualified testing company is certainly the more attractive option. So, if you are unsure as to whether you need to hire a PAT tester, why not why not get in contact with a professional testing company in the UK. You will be given advice as to which aspects pose the most danger, whether this be with your own business or even in your own home. PAT testing is not simply an inconvenient and expensive way to spend your money but is an investment for your overall reassurance regarding potential dangers and also financial security within the future. As already mentioned, it is not a requirement by law yet within the near future predictions have been made that state PAT testing must be carried out on each and every property, especially for those who employ large workforces or rent out their residential buildings to tenants. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: