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Interesting Facts About Window Shades By: David H Urmann | Oct 26th 2008 – Window shades give a very unique and distinctive design to your home. They also help the homeowners to lessen their energy cost by keeping and allowing the use of natural sunlight. Window shades provide warm and .fortable ambiance to keep you relaxed as you stay in your room. Tags: Make Your Rooms Attractive With Window Blinds By: AstinZ | Oct 20th 2008 – The world of fashion changes fast, and with it changes the taste of people. Currently, existing interior design trend is using a blend of supple as well as organic materials. This may include wood, slat and stone. Curtains have be.e the story of the past. With curtains taking a back stage, window blinds are ruling the mar … Tags: Ease The Life Of Window Cleaners With Window-cleaning Poles By: Mary Anne Fresco. | Oct 19th 2008 – Gaining popularity these days in window cleaning is a window-cleaning pole. According to window washers, a window cleaning pole or water fed pole is basically an extended carbon fiber pole that is made in sections that extend. You can get them in various sizes from 10 feet to 45 feet and higher, though it is considered a li … Tags: Up Your Alternatives With Room Darkening Window Treatments By: Mike Ede | Oct 16th 2008 – Choosing from the options that are available to you with room darkening window treatments will allow you to have exactly what you need in every room. There are many ways you can decorate and darken each room in your home. Some may choose the same type of product for every window while others may choose different items depen … Tags: Motorized Blinds, Shades, And Other Window Treatments By: Vita Vygovska | Oct 12th 2008 – Motorized window treatments – so many options, here are just a few. Tags: Window Blinds In Perth: Which One To Choose By: Kevin Knight | Oct 12th 2008 – With all of the choices that are available for purchasing window blinds in Perth, the decision can often be hard to make. Tags: How To Learn Different Techniques Of .mercial Window Tint? By: Mary Anne Fresco. | Oct 9th 2008 – Normally, window tinting is classified into three different types namely automotive window tint, .mercial window tint, and residential window tint. The main focus of the market today is in the residential and .mercial division for the reason that automotive window tinting is already full of .petitors. Tags: Window Planter Box – Maximum Exposure At Minimum Expense By: Flower window | Oct 9th 2008 – Back in my twenties, I rented a quaint little house in San Francisco, a short distance to the beach. The house was purely and simply with a small front yard. There were only a beautiful pink color as the daisy perennial and wealth increasingly, it cineraria. There was a porch, three windows overlooking the street and three … Tags: Window Boxes – A Little Garden Under Your Window By: Flower window | Jul 30th 2008 – Window box planter brings the garden into your home save the garden at home. Through the windows you can often see beautiful flowers and plants farther from home, but you May not be able to see plantation near the house. Tags: The Importance Of Window Coverings By: Vince Paxton. | Jul 28th 2008 – Making changes in your window coverings can change the whole look and feel of your entire room. This is often an overwhelming decision, simply because it takes time to hang the windows and it is an expense that most people do not want to spend much on. In home repair and design, drapes and window coverings can have a big … Tags: Tips For The Right Window Drapes By: Chris Jensen | Jul 23rd 2008 – Window drapes are called by many names and are one the items in a living space that are stylish yet functional. So, how can window drapes add that extra tough to your home? Tags: Window Flower Boxes: The Classic Way To Decor Your Exterior By: Flower window | Jul 23rd 2008 – Just imagine once that morning rays .ing to your home through the window and be greeted by the glorious flowers bunches with cast spelling smell of the summer. Or perhaps your figure tips would enjoy more to play with the diamonds of morning dew spotted on flowers. Tags: Must Haves For Window Cleaning Kits By: azial chua | Jul 22nd 2008 – Cleaning is not .plete with your own window cleaning kits. A cleaning kit is very important especially if your client wants you clean the whole windows of his home or the office. With that, you may need to bring more than just one bucket and one squeegee. Having a .plete set of kit means that you are being professional … Tags: Bathroom Window Curtains By: GillianRan | May 22nd 2008 – Just 20 years ago you probably never thought of your bathroom curtains. You just use whatever you had or you didn’t even had curtains in bathroom at all. But since more of us have a jacuzzi, TV or radio in bathroom, it became a room worth decorating. Now you need to find right bathroom window curtains. Tags: New And Improved Interior Window Shutters By: Joe Anderson | Apr 8th 2008 – Paulownia is the latest choice for manufacturing interior window shutters, as its ideal for making lightweight yet strong plantation shutters. There are various advantages of using Paulownia which are explained in the article. Tags: Window Bird Feeders By: Ray Lam | Mar 8th 2008 – The window bird feeders were shaped like a small house. They are made of clear plastic so they are lightweight and they suction cup to the windows. The roof of the house keeps the seeds dry. At first we were concerned that the window bird feeders would not stay on the windows, but the instructions that came with them worked … Tags: Personalized Home And .mercial Window Tinting By: Eeyan Quinabo | Jan 16th 2008 – This article is about the importance and significance of window tinting. Tags: How To Shop For Window Treatments Online By: Mark Jensen | Dec 5th 2007 – Window treatments can add extra flavor to any room. Most department stores and many specialty home decorating shops will offer a wide assortment of various curtains, blinds and other treatments that can just the spark your home needs. However, shopping in a store can have its problems. Tags: Window And Door Remodeling Ideas By: Dhorj Escusa | Dec 4th 2007 – Replacement window installation and door replacement are two popular alternatives to beat the changing seasons and home fashion. And with the developing window and door technology arising in the market, this trend will continue for the year 2008. Tags: Making Window Replacement Easier By: dror klar | Oct 11th 2007 – Following these simple tips can make window replacement as simple as 1,2,3. Tags: Tips For Buying Bamboo Window Shades Online By: Dean Caporella | Oct 8th 2007 – Shopping for bamboo window shades has be.e as easy as typing in the term in your favorite search engine. Tags: Window Tinting Training By: Rick Appleson | Aug 27th 2007 – This article discusses the different window tinting training methods. Tags: Wrought Iron Curtain Rods & Drapery Hardware In Window Treatments By: Susan West | Aug 26th 2007 – At one time, wrought iron was used to adorn the castles of Kings and Queens in royal elegance as well as being used for a variety of outdoor items. Wrought iron is a pleasantly enduring material that has many uses. You can choose from some lovely patterns of wrought iron for your window treatments, such as wrought iron curt … Tags: Which Type Of Window Bird Feeders Is For You? By: Mayoor Patel | Jun 17th 2007 – There are two types of window bird feeders that you can choose from. Tags: Vw Window Switch—window Control At The Touch Of A Button By: amandanealy | Jun 12th 2007 – The VW Window Switch starts out the operation of a rather .pact window motor, enabling the window glass to go up and down. This eliminates the manual use of the window handle. It basically utilizes its electrical contacts to .plete the circuit of the electricity that activates the window motor. This makes the motor rota … Tags: Window Candles Stand For Safe Haven And Standing Tradition By: Christopher Jay | May 24th 2007 – What is the story behind window candles? It’s actually quite interesting to learn where old traditions .e from and what they really symbolized. Read on to learn a little more about window candles… Tags: Why Do You Need A Window Cleaner By: Arvind Singh | Apr 3rd 2007 – Window cleaner is a much sought after software. Here is some information on what Windows cleaner does and how it helps you run your .puter error free. Window cleaner has be.e an absolute necessity these days because every time you use your .puter, every webpage you visit, every image and file whether m … Tags: Affordable Window Curtains – A Captivating Way To Update Home Decor By: Karen Naylor | Mar 12th 2007 – Use window curtains as an affordable way to update your home decor. Learn how to avoid .mon mistakes in choosing curtains for the bathroom and kitchen. Tags: Discover Impressive Window Blinds For The Latest In Home Decor By: Karen Naylor | Mar 11th 2007 – Transform your home with window blinds that fit any size or shape of window. Filter or block light and reduce energy costs with well designed treatments. Tags: Vanity Lighting Bathroom Decor And Window Ideas By: kbw3218 | Feb 27th 2007 – Because the bathroom vanity is used the most in the daytime, allowing natural sunlight will help in saving money on your energy bills. If your bathroom design is built with an outside wall then chances are you have a small window and have natural light already. To add more light you can add a bathroom skylight or a high clu … Tags: Guide To Cat Window Sill By: Masni Rizal Mansor | Sep 16th 2006 – Every house, office or business centres have windows. The purpose of the windows is to let in air and light. But have you ever noticed that it is the different parts put together that make up a window. The windowpane slides within a window frame. Tags: Decorating Your Home With Outdoor Custom Window Coverings By: Osmundo Bernabe | Sep 15th 2006 – Have you considered an outdoor custom window covering for you home? One of the most recognizable window coverings is the window shutter. These versatile coverings protect against light, weather, intruders, and can be made to fit almost any size of window. Additionally, they can be installed either on the inside of the outsi … Tags: Cellular Shades And Other Window Treatments Proven To Save Energy Costs By: Harry Delp | Aug 23rd 2006 – With the rising costs of fuel in the United States people’s wallets aren’t only taking hits at the gas pump, but they are also taking hits on their home or apartment utility bills. However, there is good news for the energy consumer. The United States Department of Energy has reported that window treatments such as cellular … Tags: Decorative Window Film – Adhesive Vs Adhesive-free By: Randy Walker | Aug 20th 2006 – Decorative window films are rapidly gaining in popularity as a way to decorate and add privacy to windows and glass doors. There are 2 basic types of decorative films, adhesive-based polyester films and adhesive-free static-vinyl films. Since the 60’s when people began sticking Contact paper to their windows, … Tags: Where Did The Window Boxes Go? By: Liz Norman | Jul 18th 2006 – I just happen to love window boxes and miss seeing them in the more modern neighborhoods these days. My neighbors who lived across the street from us had just painted their older rather plain, small house a medium gray with white trim. Clean, but boring I thought. With two large windows on each side of the front door, I had … Tags: Window Blinds For Your Protection By: Stefan Rockhaus | Jul 10th 2006 – Window blinds are the coverings used for the windows to give shade and privacy to your place, generally attached to the interior side of the window. The good thing about using these blinds, is that you can control the amount of light .ing in simply by adjusting the blinds. Tags: Is Window Tinting Illegal? By: Tomas Morkenson | Jun 1st 2006 – I don"��t know where I first heard that window tinting was illegal but I know that it was in grade school around 5th or 6th grade. The crazy thing is that I don"��t know if it is really true still. So what I am going to do for this article is do a little google research and see if I can find any convincing evidence for or a … Tags: Choosing Hurricane Window Protection By: Ciara McNamara | Feb 16th 2006 – Hurricane window protection helps safeguard the most vulnerable part of your house in the event of a storm. High winds can send projectiles flying through your windows. The high pressure that results from the glass break can either blow out the windows on the other side or take off your roof. Proper protection is essential … Tags: Decorative Window Shutters By: Gary Wells | Jan 15th 2006 – When choosing window shutters, keep your home design in mind. Tags: Caring For Your Window Awnings By: Gary Wells | Jan 15th 2006 – Take care of your window awnings to help them last longer. Tags: 相关的主题文章: