Wisdom French does the world have an end Hell will be broken dachiyouxiang

Wisdom French: does the world have an end? Hell will be broken? Editor’s note: will the world ever exist? Will the world end on that day? Will hell change? The world is based on the law of life into a bad one after another, there is no starting point and no end, hell is also. The world has no beginning and no end. Parasitic field. His circle is bad. On the other. The other is bad. Toss and turn. After this world is a. Yet to come. No crime report. The matter if it is. – "Bodhisattva by the wish to" [] interpretation of Scripture that the world is bad, bad living space into four amulet, the whole world is broken, and hell? The hell is broken, and he’s got him. The world is broken, it becomes a bad space, and the world is empty, and the feeling of his karma will naturally turn him into another world, or hell. The world was broken, and he turned to another world. He had this world hell achievement well, again, and put him back. So repeatedly back and forth, not empty; say hell is not empty, not empty hell. This is in the world, is not that we talk about the King Kong, King Kong is empty. However, the industry of all sentient beings is not empty, there will be hell in the industry, and all living things will not be created. When the living beings come into this world, the world is full of hell. You have to go to Elysian Fields, no hell, no problem is not empty empty, there are good. Elysian Fields not hungry, nor the Tripitaka can speak, only the Bodhisattva infinite compassion and mercy. No sin, it is like. You will create no sin, and the fruit of his feelings will be like this. Where is hell? Jambudvipa below, let the jambudvipa under. The bad time from the hell first bad, bad to the early days of Zen, two Zen is empty, the three Zen is empty, empty is bad? No bad, bad not empty. From hell, hell broke down, bad to the world, the world is bad, bad to heaven. Let’s talk about faith in Mahayana theory, to know as a law, don’t move, move, move a bitter suffering came. Movement, has been affected by the fruit, is the result of movement and the fruit. Don’t move, don’t move. Said the industry, the theory of faith in Mahayana industry, industry move, QiXinDongNian sense of fruit. Do you want to Buddha? This is also good, QiXinDongNian, you born in the pure land world, but also a sense of fruit, fruit of different. This is hell beneath the southern jambudvipa, when encountered when the fire disaster, the trials and tribulations, fire, bad to hell, hell and transfer to the other. When a fire, you suffer is not filled, and transferred to the other world, but also by the. It is a continuation of! Whatever you suffer without interruption, not affected by means of the. This is a hell, always say. (the dream master reference solution) [] introduced the classic "Bodhisattva by the wish to" close in "Da Zhengcang" in thirteenth volumes. One of the three belong to the hidden, the other two are "scry hidden by goodness" and "ten round" by a large set of mahayana.相关的主题文章: