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With high quality speakers baby cart, go out to enjoy the lullaby – Sohu for science and technology believe that the baby’s family, the baby’s growth that is really crucial to a small piece of diapers, to a baby bed, to the healthy growth of babies. The baby car is a necessary means of transport for each baby to travel, the same plays a very important role, today, Guo Guo Jun will bring you a good boy Concert Hall baby car. This baby car the biggest characteristic is the use of stereo DML technology thin voice oscillator, hidden in the both sides of the hood. When the sound is sounded, the vibrator produces a small vibration while driving the air vibration, with the baby car curved canopy, so that the baby in the car as if in the concert hall. Baby car can use Bluetooth phone or iPad connection, you can give your baby to play music, stories, English, poetry, etc.. We all know that the auditory system music helps children development, stimulate children music arts potential, but the baby’s little ears are still very young, this baby car volume in a safe range for your baby, effectively protect the baby’s hearing. Of course, the car material is also very important. The main components of engineering plastics PA6, high strength, not easy to deformation, long service life. The coat is made of 600D Oxford cloth, which is durable and has good texture. A cotton pad with di Lun Hanbu, soft skin, hand washing can. The hood can be folded, can be used to scrub towels, but there are built-in electronic components can not be directly washed. The front wheel is made of EVA material which is more durable, and the rear tire can not make the baby bump. Baby car with USB universal charging, the charging time of about 3 hours, can provide 6 hours of battery life, disconnect the Bluetooth auto power off more worry. Take the baby out to play a circle or no pressure. ————-END————— want it? I send you ah! Here are some good kids music hall baby car free! Fee! Send! Get 1 open WeChat, search and pay attention to the public number: extreme fruit nets 2 reply Keywords: baby car相关的主题文章: