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Within a week of Shenhua signed? Sun Shilin: all obey the arrangement of sports club + special correspondent Shao Qi reported Liaoning Hongyun team waist iron Sun Shilin will join Shanghai Shenhua in a week? The news spread throughout the football in the afternoon, but also to the majority of Liaoning fans jittery. Because Sun Shilin just held a grand wedding yesterday, for his next step, he is still no time to take into account. But Sun Shilin also admitted that everything will respect the arrangements of the club. The morning of November 12th, Sun Shilin and his wife Zheng Yue held a grand wedding ceremony in Dalian, including the Liaoning team captain Zhao Junzhe and many old teammates of the Liaoning team, and Liaoning FC personnel to the scene to congratulate. However, second days before the wedding ceremony, but came Sun Shilin will join Shanghai Shenhua team within a week of the news. Sun Shilin himself said that the current transfer news all are not conclusive, and he and his wife had just married, also coincided with the Liaoning team during the holiday, and will enjoy the first wife married, "the saga, now there is no, I do not know." In fact, Sun Shilin was seen by other super club is not news. Earlier this year, Guangzhou R & F will see Sun Shilin, and Liaoning FC carried out interviews, but in the final link differ, the Liaoning team eventually did not let Sun Shilin go, but let him and played a year. Sun Shilin will deliver the goods, firmly occupy Liaoning’s main role, has also scored in an important game, also the two consecutive season through the shot ripped through the Hong Kong team on the Shanghai gate. Back into the attack and defend, Sun Shilin comprehensive physical quality, excellent running ability and tough style, is probably the reason why he has a lot of market. It is worth mentioning that, after the online news that Sun Shilin will join the Hong Kong team in Shanghai in the near future, when Sun Shilin’s wife was also in the online issue of the suspected rumor of speech. But the two people just married, perhaps in the near future will not consider a transfer problem. Previously in the B League and the League to fight Sun Shilin, if not Liaozu this platform, it is difficult to have today’s achievements, so in the last year when Guangzhou Fuli received the invitation, Sun Shilin mainly obey the club’s opinion. In a recent interview, Sun Shilin had said a meaningful words: no Liaoning team will not have my today, so I thank the Liaoning team, the first choice is still here. But as players want to have a good platform and the future, if I move to other clubs, Liaoning can have a good income, then I would also like to." Therefore, the transfer of the rumors, he himself still said." Although the success of Sun Shilin to join Shanghai Shenhua also can make nothing of it, but the end of the month Liaoning Hongyun team will be assembled in Shenyang, and then fly to Guangdong Sanshui base winter training, perhaps the fate of Sun Shilin will have a result before. Moreover, because Sun Shilin is currently with the Liaoning team have contracts, trying to poach Liaoning team players, Shanghai Shenhua will spend a lot of money transfer fees, taking into account the Hebei China last year from the Liaoning team bought Ding sai相关的主题文章: