Wong Kar Wai’s biopic Gucci exposing the Gucci family entertainment Sohu – Reign of terror tda7294

Wong Kar Wai’s biopic "Gucci" exposing the Gucci family entertainment Sohu – Wong Kar Wai reign of Terror (source: time network) according to foreign media reports, Wong Kar Wai’s next film was finally determined, he will direct the film biography "Gucci" (Gucci). The movie tells the Italy famous brand Gucci founding family story, produced by the famous Hollywood producer Megan Allison, her Annapurna Pictures for escort, according to legend, Margot plays little ugly Robbie is approached this project. This project tried to invite Ridley – directed by Scott, Leonardo – Dicaprio and Angelina – starring Julie, but the project half-way abortion, was shelved for several years, and ultimately by the Megan – Allison Hollywood then set man to take over, to reopen the project. The film revolves around the Gucci family of the head of the third generation of Gucci (Maurizio Gucci) – Maurizio murder, her wife Patrizia Regani (Patrizia Reggiani) for killing Robbie, Marget is her play, tells the story of the Gucci family reign of terror. Ande lea Berloff ("Compton" out of Charles Randolph (screenwriter) and "the big short" screenwriter) joint surgeon. It is reported that the "Tom" nocturnal animal – Ford will play a role in the film, he will appear in the story of the fashion line. It will also be Wong Kar Wai’s second English works since the blueberry nights.相关的主题文章: