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Wood features: double sided cake cake India India Chaozhou folk festival, at the age of eight, the ritual activities such as the worship of God has always been very rich and colorful, people pray for good weather, good blessing, in these folk activities as offerings of cake products is essential. There are kinds of cake products, sweet cakes, bread cakes, cakes, taro cakes, rat hearts shell cakes, cakes, carrot cake, Portsmouth seed cakes, potato cake, bamboo shoots, sweet and salty are not the same. On the age of the women will "proper", after the rice bag filling, cannot do without using the cake impression printed cake made of "elegance", also depends on "Ya Guo india". The traditional Chaozhou cake printing, mostly red paint impression made of wood, with the peach shape, there are also some circular, or red paint or wood color. A peach shaped pattern in intaglio square one party with a handle, decorated with other patterns, and in the middle of carving a seal printed "longevity" of the word for impression theme, highlighting the folk meaning auspicious longevity ", the idea is very delicate; there is a special" double cakes India, which side is a deep carved peach shaped India, the other side (back) is a circular die shallow carving, a peach pie (India dual-use, round cake) and. This is a unique flower in the traditional wood carving art in Chaozhou. As an important part in Chaozhou area, rice has been well preserved, people often expressed their desire by Guo India of the folk art. Guo India as a unique folk art, has rich connotation of regional culture. Chaozhou Guo India on the one hand, reflect the profound regional culture, on the other hand, the most valuable woodcarving culture. Source: China Chaozhou network相关的主题文章: